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G.E. B-52
Majestic 66
Arvin 25

Motorola 34
Audiola 346
RCA Victor M-105
Postal T
Crosley 103
Zenith 462

Arvin Model 25

Arvin 25, 6 tubes and 6 in. speaker, 8 point tone control. Easily installed.

Enclosed in one case are the radio chassis, speaker and "B" power unit. Size 8 x 8-3/4 x 8-1/2 ins. deep. The case is finished in black morocco with chrome-plated grille front. The set is equipped with a 6 in. electro-dynamic speaker; also, an 8 point tone control, regulated by a knob on top of the tuning dial. The distinctive remote control clamps on steering column and makes tuning fast and easy. The set uses an extremely selective circuit, inter-channel noise suppression, and automatic volume control. Tubes used: two 78s, and one (each) 6A7, 41, 84.


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