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G.E. B-52
Majestic 66
Arvin 25
Motorola 34
Audiola 346
RCA Victor M-105
Postal T
Crosley 103
Zenith 462

Audiola 346

Audolia 346, 6 tube superhet. Manufacturer specifies that no supressors are necessary.

This receiver is a 6 tube superheterodyne using the most modern combination of tubes. The tubes are one (each) types 6D6 (R.F. amplifier), 6A7 (combination first-detector and oscillator), 6D6 (I.F. amplifier), 75 (diode second detector, delayed A.V.C., and 1 stage of A.F. amplification), 41 (power output), and 84 (rectifier).

The design of the set is such that, the manufacturer claims, no suppressors are necessary for ignition noise elimination. However, the installation otherwise must be as complete in regard to good grounds and shielding as ordinary good installation procedure would require. The disadvantages of the average suppressors, in regard to motor efficiency, are sufficient to warrant any extra work necessary to eliminate the need for them.


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