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Table I
Base diagrams

Table II

Table II

Table III
Ballastron substitutions

Table IV
Mfg. Substitutions

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Maker     Part            Choose    Remove    Cut
of Set    No.             Tube      Pins      Strip 
Emerson   2UR224          B         2         R-Y
Emerson   2UR215          B         2         R
Emerson   3CR241          B         None      R
Crosley   W43357          A         2         R
RCA       RC294 or 135K1  A         2         R
RCA       RC300 or 95K2   B         2         Y
RCA       RC345 or 190K1  A         2 and 8   R-Y
DeWald    8598            B         2         R
Fada      115.4           A         2 and 8   R


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