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Postal T
Crosley 103
Zenith 462

Crosley Model 103

Crosley 6 tube model 103 set.

This receiver is a 6 tube superheterodyne designed for operation from a 6 V. automobile storage battery. The "B" voltage is furnished by a Crosley Syncronode. The I.F. used is 181.5 kc.

The "A" circuit of this set is fused in the "hot A" lead with a 10 A. fuse. A dynamic reproducer is used; its field current is derived from the "A" supply, Need for a rectifier tube has been eliminated by the use of a vibrator-type "B" unit that utilizes the self-rectifying principle. Through the use of a stage of R.F. amplification ahead of the combined first-detector and oscillator, image-frequency reception is reduced to minimum. The two plates of the diode portion of the type 6B7 tube are utilized only for obtaining the A.V.C. action.


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