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G.E. B-52
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G.E. Model B-52

G.E. B-52, duo-purpose radio for automotive or home use. Operates on auto battery or 110 V. A.C.

An auto radio set that is more than an ordinary auto radio; it is made by General Electric. This new portable auto-radio receiver may be used any place in the car as bolting to the firewall is not required. It may be picked up and carried into the house where it performs readily using A.C. for power as when operating in the car with the 6 V. car battery for supply.

Simply attach plug for 110 V. A.C. use.

This model has a stream-lined, compact metal case housing chassis, circuit and controls. It may be placed anywhere in the car; on front or back seat in coupes and roadsters. It may be operated by driver or passenger with equal ease. The case is sloped to conform to the lines of the seat cushions and may be used as an arm rest if desired. The leather carry handle can snap down in a recess when not in use. The case is satin-crackle finished in an attractive shade of brown.

The circuit is a 5 tube superheterodyne, one of the tubes being the rectifier which is employed when operating on A.C. When in the car, 4 low-drain auto-radio tubes and a vibrator "B" battery eliminator are used. Both tone and volume are of uniform quality on either source of power. Because of the location of the set in the car, affording better distribution of sound, the model B-52 will have better apparent tone and output than previous auto receivers. Both sensitivity and selectivity are excellent.

Service Men will welcome the B-52 for its freedom from installation problems. Installation is simple, there are no problems "fitting" the set to the car. After installation of the usual ignition accessories, the only connections necessary are to attach the fuse-contained battery leads to the battery and to the connect the antenna. In the house, simply attach the antenna, and plug in on any 110 V. A.C. outlet. Separate cord sets are supplied for battery and A.C. operation.

Among the features of the B-52 are its improved automatic volume control, a full-range tone control, and noise suppression. The airplane type, illuminated no-glare tuning dial is calibrated in kilocycles. All controls are conveniently arranged. The on-and-off switch is also used to change from battery supply to A.C. and return. An improved dynamic speaker is used. Chassis and wiring are completely shielded. The set is rubber-cushioned against vibration.


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