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The New NBC Building
Non-Technical Description

NBC First Floor

NBC Studio Floor

NBC Executive Floor

Did You Know That

Did You Know That

Radio Is America's Most Popular Family Servant

While there are only about 27,500,000 passenger cars in America, less than 25,000,000 homes wired for electricity, about 14,500,000 telephones, 14,000,000 refrigerators--in 1942 we find 56,000,000 radios.

Nearly fourteen million new radio sets were bought in 1941 alone. And when Fortune Magazine asked people, "If necessary, which would you give up?"--79% said "Movies." Some 7% "Did not know." And only 14% said "Radios."

NBC Broadcasts tbe Nation's Most Popular Radio Shows

The most recent surveys prove that more of the 10 most popular radio shows in America are broadcast on NBC than on the other three networks combined. On NBC you hear Fibber McGee, Charlie McCarthy, Jack Benny, The Aldrich Family, Bob Hope, Baby Snooks, Bing Crosby, Mr. District Attorney, Red Skelton--these are some of the NBC stars.

The pioneer in network broadcasting, NBC today is heard through 140 stations from coast to coast.

KPO Has a 70% Larger Audience Than the Next Station

As the key NBC station for all of Northern California, KPO brings these leading shows to millions of western listeners. KPO is the only 50,000 watt, maximum power station in this region, and latest research indicates that 70% more listeners are tuned to KPO than to the next ranking station.

With the dedication of San Francisco's own Radio City, KPO again forges farther ahead in service to the Pacific Coast.

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The world's largest and most modern broadcasting studios will be opened for their inaugural broadcast on the evening of November 15, 1933, when the National Broadcasting Company officially enters the elaborate studio suite in Radio City, New York's huge realty development devoted to entertainment. (Radio News, December 1933)


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