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Majestic Model 66

Majestic 66, 6 tube superhet

The Majestic Twin Six auto receiver (model 66) is an all-in-one unit, the speaker, chassis and eliminator being contained in a metal case 7 x7 x 12 ins. long. The receiver is suspended on two brackets which are bolted to the bulk-head after drilling 3 small holes. A tone-control knob is located in the lower left hand corner. A "sensitivity" switch will be found on the upper right. When snapped to the right, greater sensitivity and volume will result on weaker stations; to the left, excellent local station reception, together with a considerable reduction in background (or ignition) noise. Jacks for the extension speaker are located on the left side and directly below the cable bracket. The airplane dial is calibrated in kilocycles. Non-glare illumination from a pilot light on the dial indicated when current is passing through the receiver, and acts as a warning that the set is still in operation when the station has signed off. The control unit that mounts on the steering column is direct-drive connected to the receiver case by heavy duty flexible shafts, eliminating back-lash and slipping. The volume control knob acts as on-and-off switch and key, and when removed locks the receiver.


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