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G.E. B-52
Majestic 66
Arvin 25
Motorola 34
Audiola 346
RCA Victor M-105
Postal T
Crosley 103
Zenith 462

Motorola Model 34

Motorola, Dual 6--Super heterodyne, employs 2-78's, 1-77, 1-42, and an 84 rectifier or Elkonode No. 53 "B" power rectifier unit. Airplane type tuning control and dynamic speaker. A tone control is provided to compensate for car acoustics.

This 6 tube superhetrodyne receiver has the following features: all-electric 3 gang tuning condensers, tone control, indirectly-illuminated airplane dial, key lock switch, full dynamic speaker. It utilizes the following tubes: two 78s, and one (each) types 77, 75, 42, and 84. The radio set, speaker, and "B" power supply are in one unit. Size 10-3/4 x 6 x 5-3/4 ins. high.


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