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G.E. B-52
Majestic 66
Arvin 25
Motorola 34
Audiola 346
RCA Victor M-105
Postal T
Crosley 103
Zenith 462

RCA Victor M-105

RCA Victor, M-105, 4-tube superheterodyne. Employs a mechanical inverter and rectifier for the "B" power supply, thus eliminating a tube.

A receiver which features mechanical simplicity in construction and design. Only the following 4 tubes are used: one (each) type 78 (R.F. amplifier), 6A7 (first-detector and oscillator), 6B7 (I.F. and second-detector), and 41 (power output). A combined mechanical vibrator and mechanical rectifier inverter eliminates the necessity of a rectifier tube. The circuit employed is superheterodyne design.


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