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 Post subject: Neat & Easy Way to Restuff Philco Metal Can Capacitor Banks
PostPosted: Oct Fri 03, 2014 11:33 pm 

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If you have ever had to clean out a metal capacitor can and restuff it, you know how messy hot tar can be.
Here is a quick easy and neat way to do it, which I developed when restuffing my 16B. No heat is involved. THIS ONLY WORKS FOR THE BIG TOP-OF-CHASSIS MOUNTED CANS. It does not work for the small flat under chassis cans.

1. Draw a detailed picture of all wires and resistors that connect to the can. Cut them one by one as you draw them.

2. Unscrew and remove the can from the chassis. Drill out the 2 rivets and gently remove the bottom lid.

3. Very gently lift out the terminal board-- this is what you are after. It is phenolic and fragile. Cut the wires underneath the terminal board that run into the tar. Also cut the ground wire to the can if there is one.

4. The caps in the can are in a block of tar surrounded by a wax paper box which is slick, so it makes this easier. Go around all the sides, between the metal and the wax paper, with a long thin knife like a fillet knife or a steak knife (one you don't plan to eat with again!). Be sure all the tar and the container are broken loose from the inside of the can. This is a lot like removing a loaf of bread from the pan.

5. Now, grasp the can firmly with both hands with the open end pointed away from you, and sling it repeatedly down toward the ground. Same motion as if you were chopping wood. About 10 of these and the block of tar should slide out of the can in one neat piece!

6. Do a residual clean-up of tar flakes left in the can.

7. Solder in your new caps. Perf board is optional. Most of these should use non-polarized caps.

8. Hot glue the phenolic terminal board onto the metal bottom lid. Necessary to keep it in place. Then put the lid back on the can and remount the can in place.

9. Resolder all the connections according to the map you made earlier.

10. You may have to wire a ground if your caps are not grounded with the can.

11. If you can't get the block of tar out of the can and/or you don't mind exposed capacitors on the top of the chassis, you can just fasten the terminal board to the location of the can.

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