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 Post subject: Re: I have entered the Seventies..
PostPosted: Jan Sun 08, 2017 5:46 am 

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dberman51 wrote:
I was in broadcasting. We had to replace the tape in our carts regularly.
You never had the exquisite pleasure of dealing with cloverleaf carts? You're missing out (LOL). It was the last development after Scotchcart before the death of the format.

The technology got copped for use in Endless Loop Film platters but I still say if they'd have kept it around for carts they could have lengthened the use of the format.

For the unfamiliar, the cloverleaf format made sure that the inside circumference and the outside circumference were the same. Instead of tension from the center dragging the platter holding the tape pack around, it was driven by a small rubber roller or belt (there were two kinds) driving the platter at a specific RPM.

The hub was only used as a guide - no (or very little) tape actually touched it as the tape would unwind from the center through a set of fingers and out to the support post to travel across the front. When the tape returned on the other side - a small wand with a brush knocked each revolution of tape inward by one thickness.

Of course that prevented the 22-1/2 IPS (three times 7-1/2) splice finders from working without jamming the tape so you had to watch for the splice yourself - but then with the cloverleaf, time was limited to just over 5:00 instead of the 11:15 on a normal A size cart or 7:30 on a Scotchcart.

2 kinds of men/tape. Low Noise/Wide Range.
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