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 Post subject: Box set of Perry Como 45's.....
PostPosted: Sep Fri 22, 2017 6:21 pm 

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The out of business store I work at has been going through old stock that never sold. Example is RCA SPD-27 boxed set of Perry Comos records, the price tag still on the box, $350.00!!!! Probably compares to over a thousand dollars today! No wonder it never sold!

 Post subject: Re: Box set of Perry Como 45's.....
PostPosted: Sep Fri 22, 2017 7:50 pm 

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That 10 EP box set is common. There are plenty of them on Ebay, and certainly no rare recordings on it. There is no way it originally had a list price that high.

 Post subject: Re: Box set of Perry Como 45's.....
PostPosted: Sep Sat 23, 2017 6:05 am 

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That sounds like a mid-80's wannabe-price for that set before there was widespread use of CDs and certainly before Torrenting etc was around. Even still - as was previously posted - all kinds of sets like that were still waaaayyyyy overpriced with some guy looking for some rich foreigner to wallpaper their store with ``some loose cash''.

Off and on for 30 years I've worked the ``boutique'' and ``upscale'' small independent record retailers ran by crabby old men with more money than sense who don't give one whit if they ever sell a single record to a single customer since they can write the shop rent (or costs of running if they own the bldg) off their taxes every yr..

In all those various incarnations I used to see this kind of thing go through all the time. These are the same guys who try and put $250 on a mint condition set of Reader's Digest LPs that had been choking thrift shops for decades already and that the thrift shops would very nearly or even actually pay people to take them away to keep shelf space open.

90% were alcoholics, so if a customer came in and wanted something for $20 or $30 or $40 bucks that was marked up by ten times that much - I'd pull the worst ones conditionwise (which were all still VG+ EX or NM with the primo ones being promo or still sealed) and sell it to them while the guy was passed out.

None of em ever found out til the day they died and their shops closed with nobody left to pay the rent and other bills since everybody left behind cared about whether there were sales going on or not.

These guys would have em sit and sit and sit - and then move to the basement storage - and then move to the warehouse storage where it would sit unseen for 20 years - and then the same as what happened to your place - the crabby old man died and nobody in the family/friends knew anything about it - until eventually whatever thrift shop they could convince to come get everything did it so that the building could be emptied out and renovated for the next tenant or torn down to make a mall.

At least the shop you were at was lucky enough not to have everything pounded into the ground like this place ... -film.html
No I wasn't there but I've seen the same thing happen often enough over my 30+ year career to know the drill.

Everybody I know's family sold out to Brazilian record magnet (sic) Zero Freitas who would send cargo containers or ships if it was near a port (like L A) - to come pick up the half a million items left in the store plus another half a million spread out between the guy's house 28 storages his house up at the lake his cabin in the woods in the barn behind this old bowling alley he bought 40 yrs ago etc etc etc.

So if the people left behind in your case also have no ide what or how to handle the remaining inventory and or don't have the staff or knowledge to be able to make one at t atime eBay listings for records that are mostly thrift-shop fare - I'm guessing the only thing they can do is contact one of Zero's reps here in the States and see if he will buy em to send to his huge archive in Sao Paulo.

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