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 Post subject: Never Be Sick and In and Out of Sleep Watching Old Movies
PostPosted: Feb Fri 09, 2018 4:25 pm 

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because your brain will stitch the pieces toether in a very strange way.

I had a light case of the flu last week THAT I GOT FROM THE FLU SHOT and was laid out on the living room couch like a whale on the beach watching old movies from the 40s on TCM: A Guy Named Joe, It's a Wonderful Life, and It Happened on Fifth Avenue.

Joe was up first and I watched it up until the part where Lionel Barrymore tells Spencer Tracy his life is over now and has to go help Van Johnson become a better pilot.

Fell asleep - woke up and Life was on - picking up right after Henry Travers tells Jimmy Stewart that he's his guardian angel. Stewart says `Well you look about like the kind of angel I'd get. Fallen angel is more like it'.

I fall in and out of sleep through the rest of that and through the first half of Fifth Avenue where I wake up again at the part where Donny DeFore and Alan Hale lock Charles Ruggles up in a closet before they find out that their ``hobo'' roommate is none other than real estate mogul Michael J. O'Connor.

Since I was dozing in and out pretty much all day long, when it came time to actually go to bed for the night I ended up with the craziest dream.

I was working on repairing some similar turntables I'd been neglecting - and just like always - different things are wrong with each one. So I mumble to myself `All I want is ONE to take to church tomorrow night' and out of the dozen or so laying around on the bench I get the idea out of nowhere to take a second look at this podged up green-based VM from the 50s mismatched with a blue-flocked platter and an ivory arm.

So I'm doodling around in there mumbling to myself as all repairmen do sooner or later - flipping over the changer and peering close at the auto mech under the tonearm and I see a bent pin causing the arm to jam up.

I mumble to myself `No - it couldn't be that easy' especially since I have a drawerful of similar pins. I go rummaging around the drawer and I hear just as clear as the day is sunny `Well maybe you should listen to your guardian angel more often.'

I look up and see George Burns in his Oh God getup with a plaid shirt and camouflage jeans and we have a conversation
`Well you look like about the kind of angel I'd get.'
`What's that supposed to mean?'
`Little hard to fly in all that Army gear, no?'
`Oh it's the newest thing - detachable wings so you can blend in.'
`Blend in. Wearing camouflage and plaid in San Francisco. Uh-Huh'
`Eddie Peppar gladda knowya'
`Perfect. A guardian angel named Ed'
`My brother was actually assigned your case even though he's an auto mechanic and not an electronics tech so I agreed to trade His name's Clarence but everybody calls him....'
`How'd you know?'
`You're the guardian angel, aren't you supposed to know these things?'
`Oh, sorry, I died 75 years ago. We only had radio in my day and even that was black-and-white.'
`Black-and-white. On a radio.'
`Yeh we already had a highboy Victrola, a floor model Regina music box and a reed organ. Wifey refused to have another huge ornate piece of furniture to trip over so we opted for one of the brand new bakelite models.'
`And my guardian angel is a punster besides. A Baaaad punster like my granddad. Just what I need.'
`Well you didn't have to tear apart a dozen turntables to find one with an easy fix did yah?'
`(grumble grumble grumble)'
`OK have fun at church tomorrow night'

and my ex foster dad woke me up saying I was talking and laughing in my sleep. (rolleyes)

And yes the same podged up green changer with the blue platter had the same bent pin in real life, the new one was in the same drawer it was in the dream - I fixed it in the same short order and two days later they called from church and said they needed one for after services.

Doo-doo-doo-doo. Doo-doo-doo-doo.

2 kinds of men/tape. Low Noise/Wide Range.
LN=kind. WR=abrasive. Engineers=same thing.

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