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 Post subject: Central Electronics model B slicer/ Heath QF-1 comparison ?
PostPosted: Nov Thu 23, 2017 5:08 pm 

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Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the effectiveness of the peak and notch of the Q multiplier on the CE model B slicer and the Heath QF-1 ?


 Post subject: Re: Central Electronics model B slicer/ Heath QF-1 compariso
PostPosted: Nov Thu 23, 2017 6:55 pm 
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I have not made a measurement but based upon "seat of the pants" feel the Slicer Q multiplier provides a little sharper peak or null HOWEVER it isn't a major difference. Of course once you also put the Slicer's phasing detector into play then it offers a huge advantage over the QF-1 both in reduced bandwidth and quality of demodulation.

The Slicer also allows a form of exalted carrier AM detection along with selectable sideband which is very useful when selective fading is a problem.

If you have a good Slicer already there is nothing wrong with using the Heathkit QF-1, or other good Q multiplier, in conjunction with it rather than searching for the less available and more expensive Model B version of the Slicer with the Q multiplier built in. CE also sold the model DQ which is the Q multiplier from the Slicer Model B in a separate housing.

My experience with Q multipliers in general is they can often work magic when receiving CW with a less advanced receiver but are less useful for AM and SSB where skirt selectivity is often very important and although the Q multiplier excels at providing a very sharp null or peak it is less adept at providing a wider passband with steep skirts that is needed for good AM/SSB reception and this is where the Slicer makes a big difference in selectivity over a Q multiplier alone.

Rodger WQ9E

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