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 Post subject: Westinghouse 58
PostPosted: Jul Sat 28, 2007 9:52 pm 
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Hi everyone,

I am new to this site, and Radios in general, but I think it may become a hobby of mine.

I hope that some of you may be able to help me?

I have come across a radio at a yard sale, and this is what is on the Radio itself:
Westinghouse 58
Canadian Westinghouse Co. Ltd.
Hamilton Canada

on the inside there is a patent label 1917 - 1924

The body has significant damage. It looks like a dog had at the legs and part of two of them is missing, there are also what looks to be one tube missing, the power cable has been cut and the cables going from the top to the base are missing. finally one of the dials, the piece that looks like it holds it in place is broken. The owner is holding it for me for a bit, until I decide. I was wondering, what it would be worth, as is, and if it is worthwhile at all?


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PostPosted: Jul Sat 28, 2007 11:39 pm 
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Hi there,

I know that a Model 57 Canadian Westinghouse is from 1929, from an old newspaper advertisement that I have. Your model 58 just might be from that year.

Pictures are always worth a thousand words - if you can post them somewhere or drop them in the "Canadian" gallery here at AntiqueRadios, it would help with the ID.

A tube lineup could also identify it with some of the people here. Not me, I don't have those resources.... yet.

As far as value... sounds pretty chewed up.
Unless it is something of untold beauty that you just "have to get" and are willing to restore it to its' former glory, might be best to pass on it and keep your eye out for something in better shape. Consoles are more available (sometimes) than tabletop radios.

Again, a picture says a thousand words in that case. It's very hard to judge a radio when it cannot be seen in any way.

Good luck,

[size=100:22w95duj][color=brown:22w95duj][b:22w95duj]Jeremy Hopkin[/b:22w95duj][/color:22w95duj][/size:22w95duj]

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PostPosted: Jul Sun 29, 2007 12:18 am 
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The Westinghouse 58 may be hard to find good information on it. I have a 57 and it is a tabletop radio.

The Westinghouse Service Manuals do not give an exact schematic for it. They suggest that it is like a W55 (a 5 tube Rice circuit neutralized TRF radio with a regenerative detector) but with the necessary changes made to use AC radiotrons.

They go on to say the W55 is the same as a Radiola 20. The W58 uses a soket power unit number 18.

Is you set a console or a tabletop on a base with legs. What tubes are in it.

I may be able to find a close schematic. I would hate to guess at a price. It is the vintage of radio that excites me.


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Jul Sun 29, 2007 9:09 am 

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The set is a console modal and used 3 26 tubes, one 27 and a 71A or WX 25 as the output tube. I have one and it appears to be a modified W55A, which was also a console, with additional modifications to use AC tubes. They used the original 4 pin sockets with additional sockets pluged in to accomodate the ac tubes. In Vancouver the set sold for $240.00 in Nov 1927 and by Nov 1928 it had dropped to $144.50. I also have no idea what the value would be.

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