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Radio sets built into modern suites of furniture offer new sales possibilities to manufacturers–and more business for Service Men.

A radio set as part of a living room couch offers a fine spot for a comfortable evening of entertainment.

New French “Radio Furniture”
Radio-Craft, January 1936

Numerous attempts have been made in the past to include radio receivers in pieces of furniture, where they are less obvious, or likely to match better with the furnishings of a room. Thus we have the kitchen radio which is finished in white and rests on the top of the electric refrigerator–the bathroom set which we described some time ago in Radio-Craft–the arm chair receiver which is mounted in an overstuffed chair, etc.

However, the attempts have been more or less adaptations of existing sets to serve a particular purpose.

A new group of receivers designed particularly for a certain type of furniture has been recently developed in France. Three of these radio novelties are shown on this page–the first (in the heading) is a radio couch into which the radio set is mounted in an extended arm at one end. Thus it is an integral part of the piece of furniture, harmonizing with it–and designed for greatest convenience in tuning, etc.

Radio sets built into bedroom and dining-room suites are the latest European innovation in radio receiver manufacture, as these examples show.

Another type of installation is the radio bed. Here again, the radio set is a permanent part of the bed, being mounted in a bed-side stand which is made as a part of the bed itself.

If a radio receiver is desired in the dining room, a buffet radio will solve the problem; the French manufacturer supplies the set built into the buffet of the suite, as shown.

In the humble opinion of the Editor, these examples of "radio furniture" open a new era in radio design. The permanent installation of radio equipment in homes has matural limitations, expspecially when the radio listener rents or leases his dwelling or apartment. However, furniture with built-in radio equipment such as the examples shown is not limited by the possibilities of changing residence.


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