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Author:  Alan Voorhees [ Dec Sat 27, 2008 12:38 am ]
Post subject:  Antique Radio Discussions=Discussion of radio or a radio(s)

When this forum started a decade ago, there were a handful of users and only three sections to post in. As the forums became more popular, additional categories were added in order to make it easier for people to find and read topics they are interested in and to ignore those that they aren't. With the number of new posts every day, it would be very cumbersome to use the site without these divisions.

If you haven't looked over the various categories and their descriptions, please do so. This first section, Antique Radio Discussions is for general discussions of radio and radios. If your topic fits within another forum section, please post it there (if it's posted here my mistake a moderator will move it for you). For instance, if you are discussing capacitor replacement, B+ voltages or alignment of I.F. transformers, then your post belongs in the Electrical/Mechanical Restoration section. If you accidentally post a topic in the wrong section, a moderator will move it for you and leave a "shadow" topic marker in it's place so that it may still be found in it's original location.

Please remember that commercial ads are not permitted, even if the person posting it is not the company being mentioned. You may mention a company has a particular product or item available, but please refrain from descriptions that read like ads as these will be removed. Personal, non-commercial radio-related ads are always permitted in the Classified section.

Please remember that these requests are meant to help keep the forums easy and enjoyable to use, not to restrict or punish anyone unnecessarily.

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