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 Post subject: Air Paint Sprayer
PostPosted: Nov Sat 22, 2014 6:25 am 

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I have an upright shop compressor, but also a 5 gallon portable Coleman that I saved from a trash heap over an internal bridge. Nice little unit especially for tire inflation and some minor air tools. I've found it useful for a HF jitterbug sander in limited situations rather then buying an electric one for 2x the price to use sheet sandpaper.

I have an ornamental iron fence around the property that's starting to look very haggard. I'm going to need to use one of the Rustoleum hardhat black paints to repaint suggested by the company that built and installed it. Cans would cost a bundle. I'm hoping to use a sprayer and canned paint. I've read many conflicting reviews on quart based sprayers needing a lot of air to deliver or the possibility of thinning and use a smaller compressor like a pancake or one like I have. Worst case, I can buy a gallon and use a brush. HF's units look adequate. Some are low can deliver low pressure results that aren't the best, but for a fence, who cares.

Any suggestions?

 Post subject: Re: Air Paint Sprayer
PostPosted: Nov Sat 22, 2014 9:37 am 
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I have never used an air spray painter, so ....very limited experience. My paint guns all ran on 120VAC extension cords.

But I have painted a wood slat fence with an airless paint sprayer, an odd design that I hope has vanished into antiquity, it was in essence a motor-driven spinning funnel that dipped down into the paint jar. The paint was drawn up and slung off the edge of the funnel through a window in the front. This was supposed to be great for painting a swath from top to bottom. It is hard to do that and hold the gun vertically, and if you get off-vertical, it started throwing globs of paint. It was not an easy clean-up, so it ended up dead.

I have also painted the exterior on two 1-story buildings (Mom's house, and a GS Camp building, which was bigger) with a different kind of air-less gun. Indoors, I use the sponge pad on a stick or a roller.
Sears branded them (don't know about now) and they sold under their own Wagner name elsewhere.
I believe I have seen modern models of the same thing in the hardware stores recently.
But they may be cheap copies rather than the original brand.
These are the ones that have a vibrator 'motor' in the gun that drives a piston and pumps the paint out a fine orifice (do not put your finger on the hole!). I have not used the kind with a pump motor sitting on a gallon bucket on the floor.
These worked surprisingly well and cleaned easy enough that I did it and kept them alive.
For that much painting I had the backpack that let me carry a gallon & a half on my back and fed it through a tube to the gun in-place of a paint jar on the gun.

For your iron fence, I think the trick will be having a gun (air or not) that has easy on-off triggering, and that gives you a nozzle that makes a small spray pattern so most of the paint goes on the uprights, and not all over-spray. Airless may be easier to confine the spray to a small target.

I don't care much for painting, please consider the above as tainted by the lazy way to do it.

Ex: Same job, same building, same phone #; 4 Corp's: RCA, GE, Martin, Lockheed-Martin: 48+yrs '14

 Post subject: Re: Air Paint Sprayer
PostPosted: Dec Fri 05, 2014 4:37 am 
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Something like this will work, ... &cId=PDIO1
or try Harbor Freight if you want something cheaper. These don't produce a lot of overspray.

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