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 Post subject: A few Hints & Kinks
PostPosted: Dec Mon 07, 2015 11:37 pm 
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I was pondering some old ideas today and realized that some might be of use to you.
Plastic for panels & chassis:
Old rear projection TV sets. Esp. Magnavox had an ABS plastic plate covering the convergence assy. adj. panel. Nice for a patch panel, box top, or ??

Also grab the mirror out of the set if its glass. Great for working on TV sets, and I actually put one up in my bathroom on the wall. They are VERY high grade mirrors. They come in 2 different thicknesses.

Having problems seeing small stuff? Need a cheap magnifying glass? Well then grab the lenses off the PTV CRT's. Concave, convex, plastic, glass, what have you materials. Work great & they are free.

Need hookup wire? Well the old freebie "You haul it off & its yours" rear PTV is again your answer.
LONG runs of control wiring,(I have gotten up to 6' runs out of 1 harness!) many colors too. Also a good source for transistors and diodes, LED's etc.

Need a large Fresnel lens for a project? Well grab it off the PTV also. Just be sure not to leave it where the sun can hit it in the shop. (They HAVE started house fires from the sun hitting them.)

The ABS back of the set can provide material for project boxes also and can be bent by using a heat gun.
Easy to cut too.

The PTV will generally provide some nice angle brackets and screws- both wood and metal types.

Need a roller base for that heavy radio or fridge? Well many PTV's had a nice flat base under them that would handle up to about 200- 300 lbs. I have a couple of filing cabinets on them right now.

The front panel protective cover is a clear plastic sheet. You may be able to use it to replace damaged dial covers. Fairly brittle though, so cut carefully with a hot knife or very fine toothed saw blade.

Need dial cord? Well Cuttyhunk fishing line, aka Cod line, can be used for the thicker dial cords.

Need a Germanium diode & don't have one? Well use the E/B connection of a Germanium transistor.

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