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 Post subject: Suppliers for tubes, parts, knobs, grille cloth, etc 5/3/21
PostPosted: Aug Thu 16, 2012 7:12 pm 
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Location: San Jose, CA USA
Below is a list of the best suppliers in North America for antique radio, electronic phonograph, and TV parts and restoration supplies. The intention is to keep this list current with businesses that are known to be up and running and providing good service to the vintage electronics community. Please reply with suggestions for additions/deletions and I will update the list in the first post to keep it up to date.

The list is intended for suppliers that meet unique needs in the vintage electronics community, so the big electronics supply houses like Mouser are not included.

A similar list which now also includes European suppliers can be found at Radiomuseum: ... ov_11.html

Another similar list for Cabinet Restoration parts can be found here on ARF in the Cabinet Restoration forum : CLICK HERE

General all-in-one supplies for antique radios (tubes; capacitors and other passive components; new and vintage controls; schematics; knobs, dial scales, and other reproduction parts; etc.):

Antique Electronic Supply (
Radio Daze (
Mark Oppat's Old Radio Parts (
Merry Tunes Antique Radios and Parts (
Triode Electronics (


Nostalgia Air (
Radiomuseum (
American Radio History - Beitman schematics (
Dave's Homemade Radios - Beitman schematics (
Pacific TV (
Early Television Foundation - TVs ( ... grams.html) - see also related pages for prewar and early color TV schematics
Sams Technical Publishing (
Dave and Babylyn Cantelon - Just Radios (
John Kendall - Vintage Electronics (
West Florida Components (
Steve Johnson - The Schematic Man - Photofacts ( and Antique Radio Schematics (
Chuck Schwark - The Philco Repair Bench (
SMC Electronics (
A. G. Tannenbaum (


W7FG Vintage Manuals (
Manual Man (
A. G. Tannenbaum ( (

New and new old stock (NOS) passive components (capacitors, resistors, wire, controls, lamps, diodes, transformers, coils, etc.):

Dave and Babylyn Cantelon - Just Radios (
Sal Brisindi - Sal's Capacitor Corner (
David Kulka - Studio Electronics (
WJOE Radio (
Jim Cross - Vacuum Tubes, Inc. (
ESRC1 Vacuum Tubes (
Surplus Sales of Nebraska (
SMC Electronics (
Ken's Electronics (
Parts Express (
Leeds Radio (
Fair Radio (
Bob's Antique Radios and Electronics (
Dan's Small Parts and Kits (
Hayseed Hamfest Co. - (
Ted Weber- Weber Speakers (
HVStuff High Voltage Store (

Tubes and Ballast Tubes:

Jim Cross - Vacuum Tubes, Inc. (
Tube Depot (
Bob Dobush - Find-a-Tube (
Radio Electric Supply (
John Kendall - Vintage Electronics (
Alton Smith - Antique Radio Tubes (
Surplus Sales of Nebraska (
Leeds Radio (
Viva Tubes (
World Tube Company ( (
Tube Shop (
Tube Store (
Half Price Tubes (
Electric Guru Parts House (
A. G. Tannenbaum (
dBtubes (
Pacific TV (
National Capital Radio and Television Museum - tube sales (
Fair Radio (
Novelty Radio (
Soviet Radio Components (
MDB Ventures (

Light bulbs:

Bulb Town (
1000 Bulbs (
Replacement Light Bulbs (
Dave Wojo - DGWOJO.COM (
Steve Young's Pinball Resource (
Pinball Life ( ... ent=1&pg=1)
Interlight (

Wire and cable (including cloth-covered wire):

Sundial Wire (
Grand Brass (
Bill Lapoulos - Magneto Parts (
Jack Pine Radio (

Antenna supplies (wire, coax, and accessories)

The Wire Man (

General vintage parts (speakers, controls, knobs, transformers, cabinet parts, etc.):

Play Things of the Past (
Radiola Guy (
Dave & JoAnn Frush (email: parts2many at aol dot com)
John Kendall - Vintage Electronics (

Controls and potentiometers:

Mark Oppat's Old Radio Parts (

Vintage knobs:

Julie McCall (email: radiopup at bell south dot net)
Mike Koste - Gobs of Knobs (email: gokmike at gmail dot com)
Barry McDaniel (email: decoradioman at sbcglobal dot net)
Ruthann Mertl (email: ruthannie at mchsi dot com)
Jim Sargeant (email: bsargent at swbell dot net)

Reproduction parts (knobs, pushbuttons, escutcheons, back covers, belts, grommets, shock mounts, clips, wooden cabinet parts, handles, etc.):

Edward Schutz - Renovated Radios (
Alan Jesperson - Great Northern Antique Radios (
Retro-Trponics - division of FYLP (
Richmond Designs Inc. (
Antique Radios, Inc. (
Hayseed Hamfest Co. (
Barry Dagestino - Crosely Swap Shop (
Brettun Village Trunk Shop ( ... andles.htm)

Grille Cloth:

Michael Katz (email:
Merry Tunes Antique Radios and Parts (
Radio Daze (
Quality Antique Radios (
Bret's Old Radios (
Richmond Designs Inc. (

Plastic dial covers:

Mark Palmquist - Retro Radio Repair (

Convex glass dial covers:

Norkro (
Timesavers ( ... ezels.html)
Ronell Clock (

Dial scales:

Radio Daze (
Mark Oppat's Old Radio Parts (
Merry Tunes Antique Radios and Parts (
Jim Peire - Screen-Tec (email: jpscreentec at aol dot com)
Radiola Guy (

Dial cord (large diameter):

Seattle Fabrics (

Decals, labels, and graphics:

Radio Daze (
Vintage Radio Labels (
Solidesign (

Speaker reconing, driver repair, and speaker parts (e.g., replacement cones):

Jamac Speakers (
Utah Reconing (
Speaker Repair Pros (
Sound Remedy (
Ken Gooding - The Repair Shop - tel. (208) 731-0426 (or PM "Ken G" on this forum)
Northwest Speakers and Equipment (
Circuit Shop (
NeviSonics (
Buford Chidester (
West Tech Services (
Speaker Shop (
Around the Sound - tel. (206) 782-7975
Ted Weber - Weber Speakers (
R & G Speaker Service - tel. (310) 851-8116

Transformers, chokes, coils, and rewinding services:

EDCOR Electronics Corp. (
Mercury Magnetics (
Magnetic Components, Inc. (
Dennis "Doc" Hoyer (email: autran at aol dot com)
Heyboer Transformers (
Classic Tone Transformers (
Ted Weber - Weber Speakers (
Antique Radios, Inc. (
Transcendar (

Antique car radio parts (vibrators, voltage converters, dial glass, custom fit speakers, etc.):

S&M Electro-Tech, Inc. (
Mike Hagan Antique Auto Radio (
Antique Automobile Radio, Inc. (
Vintage Car Radio (
Classic Car Stereos (

Phonograph and tape deck parts (idler and pinch roller rebuilding, belts, cartridges/needles, cartridge rebuilding, etc.):

Gary Stork - VM Audio Enthusiasts (
Ed Crockett - Vintage Electronics (
Terry Witt - Terry's Rubber Rollers and Wheels (
WJOE Radio (
Ken's Electronics (
Turntable Basics (
South Street Service, Inc. (
Turntable (
Needle Finder (
Needle Doctor (
FYLP Restorations (
LP Gear (
Fix My Dual (

Vintage TV parts (flyback transformers, yokes, focus coils, vertical output transformers, power transformers, repro backs and HV cages, etc.):

Moyer Electronics (
Bob Dobush - Find-a-Tube (
Talon Electronics (
Amptech Systems ( ... sories.htm)
TV Restorer Guy (
HVStuff High Voltage Store (

Tom K6VL

MODERATOR TEAM NOTE: Member contributions will be added as applicable.
Once Tom acknowledges a reply, it will be removed to keep this thread as
short and as up to date as possible. A big thanks to Tom for undertaking this
contribution to ARF!

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 Post subject: Re: Suppliers for tubes, parts, knobs, grill cloth, etc 3/7/
PostPosted: Apr Fri 19, 2013 2:51 am 
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Location: Mission Viejo, southern California
This is the list of links I developed (lots of work, as I found and visited each site a few months ago):

Please note that a few sites are listed more than once to make this list easier to use.

These 32 main categories (alphabetic order) should be listed on one web page, with each a link to open a page with the list of sites within each category

Amateur (Ham) Radio
Collins Radios:
Electric Radio Magazine:
Some “Boatanchors: listed:
Large collection of information on new and old:

Amplified broadband loop:

Articles and History
Scott Philharmonic compared to modern equipment:
Substation and other arcs:
Crosley WLW 500kW transmitter one site:
Crosley WLW 500kW transmitter another site:
Loy Barton, radio broadcast pioneer article:
XERF (other 500kW transmitter, Mexico, Dr. Brickley and Wolfman Jack):
Dwight Jones information: ... _Page7.htm
Technidyne Circuit (not TRF, not regen): ... index.html
Dr. Lee DeForest:
Radiola 26 restoration extensively documented: ... 26-EN.html
Motorola 1942 Auto Radio Chair-side Radios:

Battery Radio Power
Battery eliminator for 1920s radios:
Battery pack for portable radios, uses modern cells:

Cabinet Finishing, Hardware, Parts, Veneer, Grille Cloth
Brass hardware, such as the ball catches used for doors of tall-leg consoles:
Major radio parts seller, carries reproduction items:
Focused on audio and guitar, but has many radio parts:
Brass mesh screen for radio backs: ... e-mesh.htm
Hardware, tools (including miniature tools), wood:
Veneer and wood:
Grille cloth and other handwoven fabrics:
Leather handles and straps: ... andles.htm
Veneer, wood finishing supplies, in business 200 years:
Draw & snap catches and latches:
Flocked paper for dial backgrounds: ... 27-14.html
Morocco grain genuine leather for covering cameras and radios:
Wood finishing supplies:
Lacquer and finishing supplies:
Portable cabinet and suitcase hardware: ... eparts.htm
Finishing Supplies:
Bookcloth for covering portable radios:

Calculators - Voltage Dropper, Resonant Frequency, Etc.
Resonant Frequency Calculator, first one:
Resonant Frequency calculator, second one:
Voltage dropper calculator and information: ... calcs.html

Capacitor and Resistor Identification
Excellent article, only one which discusses identifying foil & paper units which look like mica units:
Good, nice color code charts ... acitor.htm
Excellent color charts
Nice UK site
Modern code conversion chart: ... _chart.htm
identifying or determining ballast (resistor) tubes:

Classes / Tutorials Online
NJARC Oscilloscope class video:
Numerous radio-related videos:

Sangamo Clocks:
Clock parts:
Oscilloscope clocks, building:
Clock parts:
In Fullerton, California:
Hammond and other information:
Telechron & Hammond, in Gardena, California:
Repairs, 50Hz converter:

Dial Glass

Dial Light Bulbs, Other Bulbs / Lamps
Lamp sockets, great variety with photos:
Eiko lamps / bulbs:
Major radio parts seller, carries reproduction items:
Focused on audio and guitar, but has many radio parts:
Blubs / lamps:
Blubs / lamps:
Antique light bulbs / lamps:
Minature light bulb data:
Light bulbs / lamps:
Bob Piekarz’s dial cord, lamps, capacitors:
Many CB-oriented items:
Dial lamps, belt kits, some other parts:

Discussion Forums
The biggest and most active for radios:
Philco specific:
UK discussion forum:
Audio and some old radio:
Audio discussion:
Woodworking articles and forum:
Record Cutter Discussion Site:
People who dress in vintage clothing, has active radio threads:
Bulova & Accutron clocks: ... ron-forum/
Clocks & Watches:
Ham / Amateur:
Photos of many models:
Smaller site:

FM Only Radios
FM only radios, excellent information, pre-war adapters:
Pre-War FM Radio and converter information:
Pre-War FM radios:

Individual Collector’s Sites
Zenith 1000Z "Stratosphere:
Zenith 1000Z “Stratosphere” find story, foreign & domestic radios:
Crystal Radio Museum, huge collection:
Museum / collection of test equipment:
Large collection, active collector:
Videos of turnover record changers, loads of information:
O'Neill's Electronic Museum (for sale) in remote area of California:
Collection, parts for sale, technical tips:
Radiocity: ... ction.html
Nice variety:
Stan Renna: ... 392044&ck=
Steve T. Davis:
Radios, test equipment, fans:
Large and varied collection:
Michael Feldt’s site, good information on each radio:
See wild Mohawk console: ... ection.htm
Manly photos, many transistor and plastic models:
Portland, OR site:
Focused on 1920s radios and horn speakers:
Nice photos and information:
Focused on Zenith:
Phil’s Old Radios, one of the best sites on the Internet:
Nice photos and details:
Late 1920s to 1957:
Also information on radio shows:
Ron Lawrence's Radio heaven, has rare 8' long Leutz Model L:
Large site, has many items for sale:
Nice detail pages one each radio:
Large collection:
Russian radios:
Various, including Nixie Tube projects:
Transistor radio collection:
Sean R. Barton’s site, has crystal cartridge rebuilding page: ... v/home.htm
1920 to 1950s radios:
Just one photo of each:
Separate page for each radio:
Many radios, separate page for each after list page:
Separate page for each:
French site:
Nice variety, including high-end models:
Large variety, many for sale:
Plastic, to wood, to test equipment, text & photos:
Zenith 1R to newer, mostly wood:
Another big collection, with nice separate pages for each radio, with photos & text:
Still another site with nice separate pages on each radio:
Museum and Individual collector site:
Jon Stanley’s radios, oscilloscope clocks, other:
Steve Johonson, heavy on test equipment:

Museums To Visit
Tektronix, Portland, OR:
AWA, Rochester, NY area :
Southern, Asheville, NC:
Spark, Bellingham, WA:
Windsor, CT:
Washington, DC area (Bowie, Maryland):
Dover, NJ:
Ontario, Canada:
St. Louis Park, Minnesota:
Jasper’s (2022 Cherokee Street, St. Louis, MO), no web site
Huntington, WV:

Parts and Supplies - Southern California Shops
Large shop, JK Electronics, Westminster:
Electronic City, Burbank:
Austin hardwoods - veneer, wood, lacquer (ignore address, at 6th & Poinsettia) Santa, Ana:
MarVac Electronics, Costa Mesa:
Ford Electronics, Fullerton:
Torrance Electronics, has a few tubes, 1545 W. Carson St., no web site

Parts and Supply Houses
Capacitors, resistors, schematics, excellent service and variety:
Major radio parts seller, carries reproduction items:
Focused on audio and guitar, but has many radio parts:
Focused on guitar and audio, good variety, some items at far less than other sellers:
Electronic components replacement cross reference: ... f/$$Search
Major electronics parts, supplies, and equipment seller:
Major electronics parts, supplies, and equipment seller:
Major electronics parts, supplies, and equipment seller:
Used and New Old Stock (NOS) Parts:
Tubes, capacitors, sockets, dial light bulbs:
GFCI Power Cords for “Hot Chassis” Radios:
Cloth-covered wire, cords, old-style plugs:
Power cords, excellent variety and prices, lamp parts:
Bob Piekarz’s dial cord, lamps, capacitors:
Dial lamps, belt kits, some other parts:
Bill Truner’s radio parts:
Many CB-oriented items:
Parts and Supplies:
Shrink and non-shrink tubing: ... shrink.htm
Grommets, bushings, hole plugs, bumpers:

Radio Clubs, Other
United Kingdom (England):
Carolinas AWA:
Antique Wireless Association:
New York:
Irving (Dallas), Texas:
Houston, TX:
Puget Sound:
New Zealand:
Kansas City, KS: ... radioclub/
Nashville, TN:
New England, Salem, NH:
Northwest, Oregon City, OR:
Pittsburgh, PA:
Puget Sound:
Southeastern (Georgia):
Birmingham, AL:
New Jersey:
Schenectady, NY:
Mid-Atlanta (Maryland):
Philadelphia, PA:
California, Northern:
Canadian Vintage Radio Society:

Radio Listening
Shortware broadcast guide:

Radio and Test Equipment Brand-Specific Sites
Firestone Air Chief
Atwater Kent
Atwater Kent:
Sears Silvertone
Capehart ... pehart.htm
Sparton Equasonne models:
Sparton mirrored radios:
Zenith 1000Z Stratosphere:
Curtis Mathes:
De Forest: ... o%2Ecom%2F
Kodel Radio:
Zenith (mostly):
Zenith Trans-Oceanics:
Clough - Brengle Company (test equipment):

Radios For Sale
Flea Market List by City:
Huge flea market in Kutztown, PA:
Auctions, radio experts:

Reproduction parts (knobs, rubber, escutcheons, water slide decals, etc.)
Only source for many specialized rubber parts, large selection
Radio Dial belts, new:
Specializes in 1941-42 Philco parts
Dial scales, water slide decals, etc.:
Dial glass:
Water slide decals:
Clear plastic dial covers by Jim Palmquist:
Radio backs:
Printed glass dials, in Los Angeles area: Screen-Tec in Chatsworth, 818-709-8232 (no web site)
Reproduction Crosley Parts:
Battery pack for portable radios, uses modern cells:
Reproduction Zenith parts:
Dials, knobs, parts:

Research / Schematics/ Unknown Radio Identification
Searchable databases of radios by number and types of tubes:
Radios for sale and large archive of sold radios, plus others contributed:
International Radio museum on line:
Riders schematics online:
Old parts catalogs:
Old Transformer Catalogs (see also Floyd Paul’s Inca catalog scan) :
Reference materials:
Sams Photofact:
Pictures of radios:
Radio Trade names (also see Radio Museum):
RCA 106 speaker schematic and photo:
Floyd Paul Troy research data from the LA Library: ... 522962.pdf
Floyd Paul research data from the LA Library on Packard Bell: ... 522967.pdf
Floyd Paul research from the LA Library on Breiting: ... 522972.pdf
Floyd Paul research from the LA Library 1933 Radio Supply Company parts: ... 522981.pdf
Floyd Paul research from the LA Library on Midgets radio, articles: ... 522983.pdf
Floyd Paul research from the LA Library, many topics, with Inca chart: ... 522985.pdf
European schematics:
HP manuals:
Schematics and factory service manuals:

Buford and Jane Chidester’s cone speaker site:
Electrostatic tweeter repair Info. For European radios:]
Speaker repair:
Orange County California speaker repair:
Re-coning, East Hollywood area of Los Angeles, Solutions Speaker Repair, (323) 666-4161, no web site

Test Equipment and Tools, New
Soldering equipment, including press to heat:
Triplett (still in business!):
Super duty USA-made soldering irons: ... p?req=home
Plating, anodizing, powder coating at home:
Hobby tools and supplies:
Major radio parts seller, carries reproduction items:
Focused on audio and guitar, but has many radio parts:
Finishing Supplies:
Hardware, tools (including miniature tools), wood:
Home Depot:
Resin casting kits:
Tools and supplies:
Major electronics parts, supplies, and equipment seller:
Major electronics parts, supplies, and equipment seller:
Major electronics parts, supplies, and equipment seller:
Hobby tools and supplies:
test equipment:
Flea Market List by City:

Test Equipment, Used (see also Tube Testers Section)
Numerous Pieces of Test Equipment, excellent site:

Transformers and Chokes

Used / Old:
Transformer maker located in Chatsworth area of Los Angeles:
With schematics, nice selection;
Voltage bucking transformer information:
Transformer maker:
Transformer maker:
Transformer maker:
Transformer rewinding: ... ngservice/

Transmitter Kits
Find vacant FM frequencies by zip code:
AM transmitter, sophisticated:
Ramsey: ... ?page=amfm

Tube Sellers, Commercial (in addition to club members who sell tubes)
Bob Dobush, good prices:
Large seller, good article on fake tubes:
Only tubes:
Focused on audio and guitar:
Claims to have 7,800 types in stock:
Focused on audio and guitar, but has radio tubes and parts:
Major parts seller, focused on audio and guitar, but has many radio parts:
Many European types:
Soviet-bloc and foreign tubes:

Tube Testers
Hickok tube tester information: ... esters.htm
Hickok tester information and photos: ... dex__1.htm
Repairs, located in Torrance, California:
Hickok information:
Nolan Lee’s [RIP] site:
Hickk TB-7:

Tube Theory, Circuit Operation, Circuit Design
Technidyne Circuit (not TRF, not regen): ... index.html
Article on how tubes work, nice diagrams:
Excellent examples and discussion
Sylvania 1949 manual ... 9/1949.htm
Tube design and usage
Tubes, how they are built and work:
Audio design software:
Distortion and Amplifier Design Information:
Air Core Inductor design: ... esign_Cons
Basic tube information, then all kinds of amplifier designs:
Navy Book:
1948 NRI course:

Tube Data and On-Line Tube Museums
Multiple sources for data on most tubes
Online Tube museum:
Online Tube museum, has nice history section:
Western Historic Radio Museum:
Tube Collector’s Association:
Tube data:
RCA Tube manual scanned:
Information on the various types of eye tubes:

Turntables / Record Players / Record Cutters
Excellent Selection of belts:
Record and cartridge information, excellent detail:
Record cutting:
Record Cutter Discussion Site:
Phono and tape roller rebuilding:
Phonograph needles:
Ed Crockett, idler rebuilding:
Idler rebuilding:
Belts, needles, cartridges, turntables:
Crystal cartridge and idler rebuilding, other parts, photos:
Records, turntables, related items:
Turntables and related items:
Turntable needles, cartridges, turntables:
Turntable needles, cartridges:
Turntable parts and service:
Turntable parts and related items:
Voice of Music turntable parts:
Crystal cartridge and turntable rebuilding:
Many belts and idlers, re-builds idlers:
Many needles and parts:
Excellent photos: ... ent-Stylus
Idler wheels, belts, cartridges, Etc. -
B&O cartridges:

many of my radios ... t=3&page=1

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 Post subject: List of most common radio tubes
PostPosted: Dec Sun 08, 2013 5:35 am 
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Location: Somers, CT ... /tubes.pdf
Thanks to Paul D.

Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done.

 Post subject: Re: Suppliers for tubes, parts, knobs, grill cloth, etc 12/2
PostPosted: Jan Tue 07, 2014 8:25 pm 
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I didn't see a section for Test Equipment (Parts, Calibration, Repair, Etc.). I just got my TV-7 D/U back from Daniel Nelson. He restored the meter, did some minor repairs, replaced a missing handle, and calibrated it. I am extremely happy with the results!

Daniel Nelson



 Post subject: Re: Suppliers for tubes, parts, knobs, grill cloth, etc 12/2
PostPosted: Jan Tue 07, 2014 11:04 pm 
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That might make a good sticky for the test equipment forum.

I'll float the idea with the moderators. We'll also need someone to compile a list of providers.


Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done.

 Post subject: Heathkit Manual site
PostPosted: Jan Sat 11, 2014 1:23 am 
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owner says these are off copy write, so download and enjoy while it lasts.

Just because it can be done doesn't mean it should be done.

 Post subject: Re: Electronic Parts Sources
PostPosted: Mar Tue 04, 2014 6:28 am 

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Moderators are saddened to note that Dean has passed. If anyone notices any discrepancies in this list,
please contact moderator Peter Bertini via PM. We will do our best to keep Dean's contributions up to date.

This list is darned near 14 years old now. If I had to do it over using the magazines available, I wouldn't have nearly the number of vendors that I do. Understand that a lot of these companies may be long out of business; addresses and phone numbers may have changed; URLs may be no good anymore. Just roll with the punches and do a bit of research on names that don't work well. Here it is:

Parts Resources
Compiled by Dean Huster

This is a condensed list compiled from all of the catalogs that I had on hand somewhere around the year 2001 or 2002. It serves as a quick guide for finding elusive parts since many of these oddities are noted as described in the next paragraph. Note that the items offered will change from catalog edition to catalog edition, so the list will be dated and has not been updated after 2001. Companies that carry "surplus" material will change more often than the "regular" suppliers. Some of the catalogs may have been from 1997. Dates in parenthesis after the company name indicate the newest catalog used. If nothing else, this list provides company name, e-mail addresses, s-mail addresses, voice phone numbers and FAX phone numbers. Some of these companies may no longer exist. At least it's a resource that may be handy for you, especially if you're new to electronics or are searching for oddball or obsolete items.

This list was originally written on WordPerfect 8.0 and I've spent a lot of time and patience converting it over to be InfoPop compatible so that all of the italics and bold face type comes through. At least give me credit for that. I may have goofed up somewhere. Oops. Too bad.

Items in the product listings that are in bold italics are an especially good selection of parts from that vendor or are parts that are hard to find. This information is taken from the vendors' paper catalogs and some information may be somewhat dated.

MAT Electronics, Inc. (2001)
400 Pike Road
Huntingdon Valley PA 19006-1610
800-628-1118 (voice)
800-628-1005 (fax)

Surveillance and security equipment; TV flybacks; original replacement semiconductors (STK, LA, TDA, 2SB, etc.), NTE replacement semiconductors; VCR parts and tools; 1/4-w & ½-w 5% resistors; power resistors; SMT resistors and capacitors; electrolytic capacitors; TV antennas; cable TV and DSS supplies; cable; crimp terminals; adaptors; connectors; prefab cables; telephone accessories; cordless phone batteries; TV/monitor wall mounts; video game accessories/tools; remotes; turntable styli; auto audio; speakers; PA equipment; generic batteries; camcorder batteries; chemicals; computer connectors, wall plates, accessories; soldering equipment ( Weller, Hakko, Wahl); tools (Xcelite, Panavise); bench lighting; ticket books; training videos; service software; alignment media (VHS, 8mm, cassette, DVD); microwave oven parts; test equipment (B&K, LG Precision, Pomona).

Solid State, Inc., Tech Division (Nice stuff here!)
46 Farrand Street
Bloomfield N 07003
888-287-5487 (voice)
973-429-7150 (fax)

Test equipment (some weird stuff like non-contact thermometer, insulation tester, CO meter, refrigerant leak detector, clamp meters, spectrum analyzers, field strength analyzer, HV probe, differential probe, scope probes, premade cables; Triplett, Global Specialties, Protek, LG Precision); Mueller connectors; perf board; wire wrapping; PC etching; soldering equipment (Edsyn, Weller); solder & flux; educational kits (soldering, fiber optics); tools (Panavise, tackle boxes, service kits, trimpot tweaker, Xcelite, crimpers, spring hooks, bending jigs); storage boxes; parts cabinets; NTE replacement semiconductors; 74xx, 74LSxx, 74HCxx, 4xxx ICs; transistors (2Nxxx, IRFxxx, Vnxxx); thyristors; diodes (zener, Schottky, varactor); optocouplers; LEDs, fiber optic emitters & detectors; fiber optic cable (spools); capacitors (ceramic, mylar, monolythic, tantalum, variable, 160v electrolytic, electrolytic); RF chokes; audio & power transformers; potentiometers; resistors; crystals; oscillators; thermistors; wire & cable; fuses; heat shrink; calculators; computers & accessories.

All Electronics Corp. (2001)
(not to be confused with Alltronics)
POB 567
Van Nuys CA 91408-0567
800-826-5432 (voice)
818-781-2653 (fax)

Surplus outlet, merchandise changes periodically. LEDs (flashing, bicolor, IR, white, blue, mounting, bargraph); LCDs; lamps; lamp sockets; Cold Cathode Fluorescent lamps; switches (toggle, slide, rotary, push, mercury, hall effect, key, reed, pressure, vacuum); proximity sensors; rotary encoders; thermal switches; rechargeable batteries; battery holders; buzzers & noisemakers; wiring looms; small speakers; screw terminal blocks; microphones; crimp terminals; metal spacers & standoffs; cable ties; roller chain & sprockets; gears; motors; relays; solenoids; heat shrink; thermistors; fans; wire and cable; cameras; telephone jacks; connectors; adaptors; 0.1" headers; IDC connectors; premade cables; panel meters; DPMs; line cords; RFI filters; strain reliefs; GFCI outlet ($6.50 ea); photocell controllers; magnets; wall warts; transformers; "variacs"; knobs; pots; rubber feet; wheels; handles; capacitors ( photoflash, electrolytic, large mylar, HV mylar, mica); resistors; fuses; fuse holders; enclosures; perf board; PC board; ferric chloride; Press-n-Peel; Tinnit; tools; adhesives; linear integrated circuits; transistors; diodes (diacs, schottky, 40A rectifiers; HV rectifiers); heat sinks; books; little kits; inductors; torroids; power supplies; Parallax Stamp supplies.

Marlin P. Jones & Associates, Inc. (1997)
POB 12685
Lake Park FL 33403-0685
800-652-6733 (voice)
800-432-9937 (fax)
Technical information:
Catalog requests:

Surplus outlet, merchandise changes periodically. Security components; computer software instructional videos; power supplies; wall warts; transformers; fans; switches; telephone accessories; relays; motors; solenoids; pneumatic components; small kits; TV accessories; knobs; magnets; audio accessories; speakers (especially paging horns); buzzers & noisemakers; microphones; enclosures; rubber feet; lacing cord; panel meters; test equipment; prototyping boards; breadboarding accessories; tools ( carbide drill bits, diamond scribe, files, pliers, crimpers); chemicals; lamps; power resistors; potentiometers; capacitors ( super caps, trimmers, monolytyic, ceramic); displays; rectifiers; semiconductors; Peltier modules; LEDs, oscillators; connectors (UHF, N, BNC, IDC, mini DIN, 1/4", 3.5mm, RCA, DB); adaptors; crimp terminals; fuses; fuse holders; books; heat sinks; mirrors; laser diodes; computer accessories; power cords; ribbon cable; lenses; thermocouple wire; wire and cable; Parallax Stamp accessories; X-10 home automation.

Electronix Express, a Division of RSR Electronics, Inc.
365 Blair Road
Avenel NJ 07001
800-972-2225 (voice)
732-381-1006 (fax)

Tends to supply schools as a specialty area. Test equipment (Wavetek, B&K, Fluke, Simpson, Global Specialties); meter movements; trainers (digital, analog, µP, telecommunications, PC interface, PLDs); chip programmers; breadboards; prototyping boards; surfboards; antistatic foam, bags, labels, mats and accessories; wire-wrapping equipment; tools (Panavise, Xcelite, vernier calipers, micrometers, drills & bits); PCB etching ( Press-n-Peel – fantastic inventory and price!, Tinnit, ferric chloride, Kepro shear, tanks, screen printing); PCB material; test leads; storage boxes and cabinets; workbenches; carts; soldering equipment ( Ungar, Weller, Xytronic); relay racks & cabinets; integrated circuits (74xx, 74LSxx, 4xxx, ADC, DAC, UART, linear, 74HCxx, 6500, 6800, 8000, EPROM); IC sockets; diodes (rectifier, bridge, zener, fast recovery, Ge, varactor); transistors; thyristors[/i][/b]; EXR replacement semiconductors; calculators; crystals; oscillators; LEDs (blue, displays, bargraph, optocouplers); incandescent lamps; xenon tubes; fiber optics; HeNe laser; solar cells; switches; resistors; pots; capacitors ( NP electrolytic, mica, tantalum, trimmers, ceramic, monolythic, 160v, electrolytic); fixed inductors; variable inductors; ceramic filters; transformers; speakers; microphones; buzzers; connectors; perf boards; terminal strips (solder lug); crimp terminals; cables; fuses; fuse holders; knobs; cable clamps; hardware; batteries; wire and cable; heat shrink; coaxial cable; wire wrap; chemicals; books; video training tapes & CDs; circuit simulator software; computer accessories; degaussing coil; security systems; small kits.

Chaney Electronics, Inc.
POB 4116
Scottsdale AZ 85261
800-227-7312 (voice)
480-451-9495 (fax)

Lots and lots of small kits. Computer-based training; training kits; solar cells – interesting reading on the subject; PCB boards.

Brigar Electronics
7-9 Alice St.
Binghamton NY 13904
607-723-3111 (voice)
607-723-5202 (fax)

Surplus electronics dwelling a lot in industrial control. Motors (BIG servo motors); transformers; fans; power supplies; linear motion rolling guides; ball screws; pneumatic cylinders, regulators & valves; rotary encoders; stepper motors; ac oil capacitors; ribbon cable; huge variety of hook-up wire and cable.

Electronic School Supply
3070 Skyway Dr., Suite 303
Santa Maria CA 93455
800-726-0084 (voice)
805-928-0253 (fax)

Educational trainers (PLC, µP, fiber optics, digital, analog); tool kits; test equipment (Elenco, global Specialties); small kits; fiber optics accessories; breadboards; tools; integrated circuits (4xxx, 74xx, 74LSxx, linear, CA3xxx, Xrxxx, ADC, DAC, PAL, GAL, Z80-, 6xxx, 8xxx, memory chips, diodes, transistors, zeners, LEDs – good mfr. xref for memory); incandescent lamps, capacitors (electrolytic, mica, tantalum, film); resistors ( 1%, 5% and networks); inductors; trimpots; panel-mount pots; IC sockets; wire wrap; connectors; telephone/network cabling supplies & patch panels; switches; transformers.

Parts Express
725 Pleasant Valley Drive
Springboro OH 45066-1158

Home theater; remote controls; TV antennas; DSS equipment; MATV equipment; TV accessories; camcorder batteries; X-10; security; video game accessories; computer accessories; Category 5 cable & connectors; cordless & cellular phone batteries, antennas & accessories; telephone installation; belts; NTE replacement semiconductors (good selection); OEM semiconductors; capacitors (electrolytic, film, ceramic, large film, non-polarized electrolytics); resistors (film, power & dummy loads); switches; lamps; fuses; connectors; adaptors; heat shrink; crimp terminals; chemicals; cable ties; "E" clips; Ziplock bags; rubber feet; hardware; tools; Mag-Lite; storage bins; soldering supplies; test equipment (Triplett, Goldstar); wall warts; batteries (button cells, computer NiCd, lithium, gel cell, NiCd, 2-way radio); instructional videos; books; PCB etching supplies; breadboards; enclosures; small kits; Hammond transformers; vacuum tubes; tube sockets; chassis; vacuum tube amplifiers; wire & cable (snake, microphone, guitar, "Monster", flat under-rug, Cat 3, Cat 5, hook-up wire, high-current); CD supplies; test cables; headphones; loudspeaker building components (this is probably the biggest selection of this stuff anywhere on the market!); PA amplifiers; sound absorbing material; professional audio equipment; microphones; mic stands; cases; relay racks; turntable cartridges and styli; disco supplies; alarms; automotive (accessories, audio, amps, antennas, speakers, video, fusing, wiring, foam, liner, mats, speaker boxes, capacitors -- this is another big area of theirs).

280 Adams Blvd.
Farmingdale NY 11735
631-756-1750 (voice)
631-756-1763 (fax)

Unfortunately, these clowns seem to sell only to schools which is a real bummer since they have some very desirable inventory for hobbyists that may not be found elsewhere. I don't know for sure that they won't sell to an individual, but they supposedly only send catalogs to school addresses. I have heard of some who tried ordering from them and were turned down until he threatened to order from another company and then they let him order. Who knows? Science-type projects, kits & supplies (plastic molding equipment; radio/audio/video production; screen printing; lasers; hydrophonics; parts for all sorts of construction); cars, boats, planes, races, timers, bikes, magnetism, rocketry, hovercraft, balloons, wind tunnels, maglev; photography; bridgebuilding & testing; earthquake testing; robotics; plastic forming, injection molding, acrylic rods, acrylic sheets; signmakers; plastic, brass, copper, steel, aluminum, tin in tubes, rods, strips, channel and/or sheets; adhesive tapes; adhesives; paints; abrasive papers; clocks and parts; gears; motors; wheels; propellers; pulleys; magnets; solar cells; tools ( Dremel, Panavise, glue guns, scroll & band saws, lathe, [b] [i] mini-lathe, mini-vertical mill); badge/button maker; books; small kits; optics; scales; thermometers; timers; rulers; electronics trainers; test equipment; perf board; PCB layout software; wire wrap; PCB manufacturing (PCB material, Kepro shear, tin plating, ferric chloride, ammonium persulfate, etching tank, heater, Kepro spray etcher, transfers); soldering supplies (anti-seize, silicone grease); knobs, enclosures; potentiometers; connectors; switches; LEDs, capacitors (250v & 450v); resistors (1/4-w, power, SIP); integrated circuits (74xx, 74LSxx, 74HCxx, 4xxx, some linear and opto, some NTE); triacs; fuses; relays; IC sockets; transistors; transistor sockets; diodes (rectifiers, zeners, bridge); solder-type and screw-type phenolic terminal strips; barrier strips; crimp terminals; "Amphenol" microphone connectors; microphone cable; headphones; ferrite rod (10 cm x 8 mm); #18 thru #30 magnet wire; TV and computer accessories; batteries; battery holders; zip cord; solid & stranded hook-up wire; test lead wire; heat shrink; wire nuts; cable ties; electrical fixtures (lamp sockets, switches, receptacles, wall plates, plugs, electrical boxes, dimmers, lamp parts); cable clamps; spacers; rubber grommets.

Alltronics (This is one of those you-gotta-have-it catalogs)
2300 Zanker Road
San Jose CA 95131
408-943-9773 (voice)
408-943-9776 (fax)

Surplus electronics. LED flashlights; lens; "variac" variable autotransformers; transit cases; solar furnace; Teflon spaghetti; keychain laser; CPU heatsink; hard drive; solenoid valve; Loctite; carbide drill bits; 11-pin plug & socket - keyed; older crystal sockets; TO-3 transistor sockets; battery holders; Minicircuits parts; books; mobile antennas; grab bags (standoffs, plugs, trimpots, meters, shrink tube, resistors, MOVs, crystals & oscillators, capacitors, heat sinks, line filters, motors, motherboards, steppers, knobs, displays, ICs, torroids, hardware, wall warts, misc.); 45-to-33 spiders; tuners; tiny cameras; speakers; enclosures; capacitors (silver mica – excellent selection, polypropylene, polystyrene, axial electrolytic, axial tantalum -- excellent selection, conformal tantalum -- excellent selection, radial electrolytic); computer cables, computer accessories, LDC display; New-in-box Atari 1020 color printer ($14.95); fans; pumps; ear plugs; lacing tape and cord; syringes; Teflon tubing; PCB material (fantastic price!); integrated circuits (74xx, 74ALSxx, 74ASxx, 74Cxx, 74Fxx, 74Hxx, 74HCxx, 74HCTxx, 74Lxx, 74LSxx, 74Sxx, 4xxx, linear, used EPROM – overall, about the best IC selection I've ever seen in one spot other than an industrial distributor); little kits; LEDs – good selection; displays; #13 thru #40 magnet wire; magnets, ferrite beads, ferrite rod (0.5" x 8.875"); transformers; Amidon toroidal cores and other Amidon stuff; motors; steppers; pots; ultrasonic transducers; line filters; trimmer caps; rheostats; wall warts; solar cells; power supplies; prototyping boards; barrier strips; connectors & adaptors; muscle wire kits; surfboards; switches; heat sinks; a few tools; scope probes; rubber feet; diodes and transistors (nice selection); vacuum tubes (many used); instructional videos; cables.

Jameco Electronics (One of the good-to-have catalogs)
1355 Shoreway Road
Belmont CA 94002-4100
800-831-4242 (orders)
800-536-4316 (customer service)
800-455-6119 (technical support)
800-237-6948 (fax)

Computer accessories; solid state relays; small kits; integrated circuits (74xx, 74Cxx, 74LSxx, 74Sxx, 74HCxx, 74HCTxx, 6xxx, 4xxx, Intersil, Motorola, Signetics, linear, Maxim, Atmel, RCA, Z80, 6800, 8xx, A/D, D/A, EPROMs, EEPROMs, PROMs, PALs, GALs, RAM, memory modules, Analog Devices, Dallas Semi, PIC, ISD voice recorders); Parallax products; PIC products; software; prototyping; crystals; oscillators, diodes & transistors; CDS photocells (LDRs); varistors (MOVs); heat sinks; optocouplers; LEDs; IRLEDs & detectors; displays; LCDs; laser diodes; capacitors (trimmers, SMT, electrolytic, monolithic, tantalum, ceramic, mylar); resistors (1/8-, 1/4-, ½-watt, networks, SMT, potentiometers, trimpots); pressure sensor; flex sensor; hall effect; IR receiver modules; proximity sensors; temperature switches; knobs; switches; relays; connectors; cable clamps; buzzers; ultrasonic sensors; microphones; speakers; solenoids; steppers; motors; servos; gears; muscle wire accessories; batteries; fuses; solar panels; hardware; fans; line cords; line filters; transformers; "variacs"; wall warts (huge selection); power supplies (huge selection); books; breadboards; prototyping boards; enclosures; blank PCB; storage boxes and cabinets; little kits; cameras; PCB etching supplies; soldering equipment (Xytronix, Weller, Wahl, solder pots, fume extractors); chemicals; ESD tools; carbide drill bits; tools; test equipment; cables; EPROM programmers; computer parts (power supplies, keyboards, mice, cards, monitors, modems, hard drives, ZIP drives, floppies, motherboards, cases); computer accessories; network cabling and connectors.

Dalbani (If you do any consumer product repair, this catalog is a MUST!)
4225 NW 72nd Avenue
Miami FL 33166
800-325-2264 (voice)
888-716-9106 (fax)

Deals primarily with consumer products repair. Semiconductors (STK, IRF, IRFZ, IRFP, STR, STRx, original manufacturer, huge selection of consumer ICs, diodes and transistors, rectifiers, NTE, ECG, TCG replacement semiconductors); capacitors (HV electrolytic to 450v); relays; resistors (1/4-w, power); computer components (cables, data switches, microprocessor cooling kits, cases, cable testers, monitors, cards, ethernet hubs, keyboards, mice, modems, printers, printer supplies, motherboards, hard drives, CD-ROMs, ZIP drives, blank CDs, speakers, microphones, accessories); multimedia training; VCR repair parts (pinch rollers, tuners, belts, heads, idler assemblies, tires, cassette housing assemblies, special tools); TV repair parts (flybacks, triplers, deflection yokes); CD player repair parts (optical pickup assemblies, capstans, jumper cables); potentiometers; TV antennas; video converters; video stabilizers; camcorder heads; MATV/CATV accessories; A/V cables; RG-6, 58, 59, 62 cable; power cables; connectors; adaptors; switches; IR remotes; camcorder batteries; LCD TVs; test equipment; analog & digital panel meters; scope probes & meter leads; soldering equipment (Soloman, Weller, Plato); chemicals; tools (nice selection, reasonable prices); parts cabinets & cases; security systems; A/V wall mount brackets; 2-way communication; home theater; headphones; microphones & accessories; batteries; electric shavers (I just report ‘em, I don't explain ‘em); cameras; telephones & accessories; telephone wiring, repair parts, cordless batteries; cellular batteries & battery eliminators; training videos; generic data books; power inverters; power supplies; wall warts; power cords; automotive sound (in-dash stereo, amplifiers, speakers, noise suppressors, antennas); crimp terminals; lamps; microwave oven magnetrons; NEC monitor replacement boards; small kits.

MCM Electronics (If you do any consumer product repair, this catalog is a MUST!)
650 Congress Part Dr.
Centerville OH 45459-4072
800-543-4330 (voice)
800-765-6960 (fax)

Home audio systems (power amps, preamps, receivers, CD changers, home theater, tube amp & solid state amp kits, speaker systems, Sovtek vacuum tubes, installation accessories, speaker switches); sound reinforcement systems (mixers, amplifiers, equalizers, active crossovers, speaker systems, road cases, microphones, mic accessories, speaker horns, snakes, windscreens, audio racks & rack accessories; disco crap); televisions; boom boxes; portable radios (AM/FM/SW); clock radios; stand-alone games; telescopes; binoculars; cameras; electronic flash units; tripods; camera cases; camcorder batteries; IR remotes; CD accessories; headphones; turntable cartridges & styli; test tapes and disks; VCR service tools; optical pickups; VCR repair parts; TV repair parts; automotive electronics (TV, antennas, in-dash stereos, EQs, power amps; crossovers, speakers, alarm systems, battery chargers, rear vision); batteries (alkaline, lithium, button cells, gel cells, NiMH, Renewal, NiCd); cordless phone batteries; flashlights (Streamlight, Mag Lite, Eveready); outlet strips/surge protectors; power cords; hospital-grade plugs and receptacles; cellular accessories and repair parts; chemicals; computer products (mother boards, Intel & AMD CPUs, memory modules, EPROM, cards, cameras, power supplies, hard drives, keyboards, mice, scanners, joysticks, speaker systems; disk storage systems, computer batteries, data switches); video game accessories; technician software; connectors & adaptors; crimp terminals; computer networking supplies; paper shredders; calculators; laser pointers; printer supplies; PCB etching supplies; prototyping supplies; breadboarding supplies; knobs; spacers; enclosures; relays; switches; incandescent lamps; LEDs; fuses; fuse holders; small kits; educational videos (UCANDO, EIA, more); books; satellite, MATV, CATV accessories & supplies; TV antennas (Winegard & Antennacraft products); security systems (surveillance & alarms); original equipment semiconductors; capacitors (HV radial & axial electrolytic, electrolytic, ceramic, tantalum, monolithic, film, variable); resistors (1/8, 1/4, ½, 1 carbon film, SMT, power, trimpots, panel pots); IC sockets; heat sink insulators; crystals (regular & low-profile); thermal fuses;vacuum tubes (limited number); books; ESD supplies; soldering equipment (Hakko, Weller, Tenma, Wahl, solder, solder wick); speakers, enclosures, parts, crossovers; storage cabinets, boxes & bins; adhesive tapes; magnifiers; vacuum cleaners; lighting; microfiche readers; tools (Panavise)

ABRA Electronics, Inc. (This is one of the good-to-have catalogs)
1320 Route 9
Champlain NY 12919
800-717-2272 (voice)
800-898-2272 (fax)

A large general catalog. Transistors (including SCRs, triacs, TIP series, IRF, Motorola); integrated circuits (including 74, 74LS, 4000, 74HC, 74HCT, 74HCTLS, 74C, 74F, 74S, 74ALS, 74ACT, linear, Exar, Maxim, Intersil, ADC, DAC, 8000, SRAM, PROM, EEPROM, 9000, 6000, EPROM, flash, DRAM, FPGA, Dallas Semi, GAL, PAL, memory modules, SMT devices); diodes (rectifier, zener, varicap, bridges); resistors (up to 22M, power, SIP, DIP, thermistors, potentiometers); capacitors (including electrolytic, tantalum, supercaps, film, HV caps, trimmers); lamps (including NE-2); optoelectronics (LEDs: blue, displays, holders, intelligent; MOC and 4N, H11, IR, matrixes, laser diodes); LDRs; DPMs; DMMs; analog panel meters; crystals; oscillators; noisemakers; fuses; fuseholders; IC sockets (ZIF, wire wrap, leadless carriers, PGA, SIMM, SIP); fans; heat sinks; switches (DIP, toggle, slide, rotary, micro); knobs; transducers; relays; relay sockets; inductors (a really nice selection); protyping; NTE replacement semiconductors (very comprehensive); maglites; xenon tubes & transformers; soldering equipment (

Omnitron Electronics
660 South Military Trail
Deerfield Beach FL 33442
800-379-6664 (voice)
954-574-9528 (fax)

Test equipment (Tektronix, Elenco, B&K, Fluke, Hitachi, misc., network test equipment); soldering equipment; test leads; tool kits; electronics trainers; laptop computers; computer equipment; training videos (UCANDO; hydraulics, servos, PLCs, rototics, relay control, misc.); small kits (Chaney, WizKits, Graymark).

Radio Shack
Ft. Worth TX 76102
(No mail-order; Internet or retail store sales only)

Electronics parts and consumer electronics. Radio Shack has the convenience of retail stores all over the country with the disadvantage of sometimes higher prices and alltimes limited parts values. For instance, they may carry a FEW SIP resistor packages, but not a good cross-section of values and styles. Stores vary in size and inventory. What you find in one store you may not find in another. In general, do not count on a Radio Shack employee to be at all knowledgeable in electronics. They may know stereos, TVs and computers, but don't know a thermistor from a thermocouple. Having their big catalog is nice for emergencies, but not for general orders. Their ":Cue:C.A.T." for interfacing their catalog with their Internet site is cute ... but you can't find the "free" device in any of their stores – they're always inconveniently "out". I understand that as of 2003, they will cease any use of a general catalog. If it isn't in the store, you won't find it.

POB 677
701 Brooks Ave., South
Thief River Falls MN 56701-0677
800-344-4539 (voice)
218-681-3380 (fax)

Despite the threatening name of their base of operations, Digi-Key, originally a hobbyist-oriented supplier, is becoming a player in the big distributor business. They have a broad line of solid state and passive components, and Panasonic is one of their largest brands. It's one of THE catalogs to have on hand. If you have a credit card or credit line with them, phone orders are received within four or five days.

Allied Electronics, Inc.
An Avnet Company
7410 Pebble Drive
Fort Worth TX 76118

This is one of the granddaddy distributors. Originally Chicago-based and selling the Knight-Kit line of hobbyist kits, they were bought by Tandy in the mid-1960s and headquarters moved to Ft. Worth. Radio Shack stores were renamed Allied-Radio Shack for a time. The 2"-thick catalog is a must to have at hand, for this is one of the sources that will carry what the others don't have. Allied has catalog sales offices all over the U.S.

Newark Electronics
4801 North Ravenswood Ave.
Chicago IL 80840-4496

This is another of the granddaddy distributors. Newark is still Chicago-based and it and Allied are direct competitors and have a nearly identical product line. Their 2"-thick catalog is also a must to have on hand, just as Allied's is. Newark has catalog sales offices all over the U.S. and they're linked with Farnell for worldwide sales.

Mouser Electronics
958 N. Main Street
Mansfield TX 76063
800-346-6873 (voice)
817-483-6899 (fax)

Mouser is a wannabe distributor. They have a lot of stuff, but are surprisingly deficient in some areas. Still a good catalog to have. A lot of magazine projects used Mouser-sourced parts.

The Electronic Goldmine
POB 5408
Scottsdale AZ 85261
800-445-0697 (voice)
480-661-8259 (fax)

Primarily surplus electronics with a changing inventory. Primarily surplus electronics with a changing inventory. Silicon solar cells, weird solder alloys (10/88/2, 40/60, 60/40, 63/37, 96/0/4), ultra-thin heating elements, limited types of semiconductors, air variable capacitors, carbide drill bits, wall warts, security electronics, antennas, rechargeable batteries, enclosures, test leads, ribbon cable, super caps, trimmer caps, Mylar caps, PCB material, crystal oscillators (regular and SMT), crystals, optoelectronics, ferrite cores, fans, heat shrink tubing, heat sinks, headphones, overstock electronic products, small kits, optics (lenses, mirrors, prisms), microphones, magnets, motors, piezo transducers, pots, relays, resistors (SMT, power, 1/4-watt, 1%), small robotics components, SMT (diodes, caps, ICs, resistors, inductors), IC sockets, switches, transformers, ultrasonic transducers, grab bags of all kinds.

Pasternack Enterprises
POB 16759
Irvine CA 92623-6759
949-261-1920 (voice)
949-261-7451 (fax)

Connectors, cables and connector adaptors. Not a bad catalog to have as a reference for identifying connectors. These are primarily RF connectors and they're pricey. More for the commercial end user.

Dean, Electronics Curmudgeon
Contributing editor emeritus in Poptronics magazine, R.I.P.

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Peter Bertini wrote:
That might make a good sticky for the test equipment forum.

I'll float the idea with the moderators. We'll also need someone to compile a list of providers.

Here's a start:

Information and parts suppliers for the restoration and repair of vintage test equipment




Fluke electronic and mechanical parts

Fluke info, museums, and collections

GR (General Radio)

GR info, museums, and collections


Heathkit electronic and mechanical parts

Heathkit info, museums, and collections

HP (Hewlett-Packard)

HP electronic and mechanical parts

HP enclosure parts
  • Brettuns Village handles
    • leather handles for HP tube gear: SCH-32?, SCH-201, SCH-202 (can anyone confirm if the SCH-32 fits an HP-410B, etc?)
    • plastic strap handles for HP solid-state gear: SCH-09? (can anyone confirm if the SCH-09 fits an HP-400E, etc?)
  • Kiss Electronics "Leather handle replacement kit" for HP-410B's

HP info, museums and collections

Simpson Electric

Simpson electronic and mechanical parts
  • Simpson Electric may be able to supply replacement parts for current products.
  • Simpson has sometimes suggested Scherrer Instruments as a supplier of replacement parts for older Simpson products.
  • Instrument Meter Specialties has some replacement parts for Simpson products, including replacement battery contacts for the Simpson 260 VOM.
  • Oldaker #581 probes fit the newer Simpson 260 series meters with the reverse-banana connector. Only $14.00.

Simpson info, museums, and collections

Tek (Tektronix)

Tek electronic and mechanical parts

Tek info, museums, and collections


Test leads

Other enclosure parts

Other info, museums and collections

Repair services

  • 2018-06-15: updated test lead listing
  • Deleted Ed Matsuda from the list of manual suppliers. Sadly, Ed Matsuda passed away in April of 2017.
  • Add note that IMS has replacement battery contacts for the Simpson 260
  • Deleted J. Allen Call from the list of repair services. W7KSG is a silent key.

Steve Byan

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Bunker of Doom also has transformer catalogs, more tube manuals, a few test equipment instruction manuals, and more. Don't let the title bug you - nothing way out included.

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R & G Speaker Repairs & Service
2620 W Marine Ave
Gardena, CA 90249
(310) 851-8116

RnG_Speaker.jpg [ 70.16 KiB | Viewed 116322 times ]

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Location: New York USA is a good source for Power and Output Transformers. They have "Laydown" power transformers that are an exact fit for old radios, as well as for guitar amplifiers. Many have multiple taps for more possible uses.

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Tom K6VL

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Art's Antique Radio Collection - A work in progress

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Transcendar Transformer Corp
1590 Lana Way
Hollister, CA 95023-2552 | view map
(831) 636-0404 ... rs/fisher/

They make exact replacement output transfomers for Fisher receivers and other brands

(Conti the brain damaged robot )

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I saw MCM listed. They are now Newark Electronics.


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The Silvertone site (sf hobbies) is defunct; the domain name is up for sale.

Also, the link to Mark Oppat's site is broken.


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SpeakerFabricSupply -, shows this message:

" SpeakerFabricSupply is taking a short break

Note from shop owner

Dear Customer,
We've put the shop on hold due to a sudden death in our family.
Thank You ", and was last updated over a year ago on June 4, 2017. Every product is listed "currently unavailable".
Are they done for good?


 Post subject: Re: Suppliers for tubes, parts, knobs, grill cloth, etc 6/30
PostPosted: Nov Mon 12, 2018 5:47 pm 
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Thanks for posting about Speaker Fabric Supply. Because it's been more than a year since their "on hold" posting, one can rightfully suspect this is a business that will not be coming back on line. Would be nice if they would take down the website, post a more recent message on the website regarding the status, or something.

Maybe someone else here knows more about the situation?

Tom K6VL

 Post subject: Re: Suppliers for tubes, parts, knobs, grill cloth, etc 6/30
PostPosted: Nov Mon 12, 2018 7:55 pm 

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Please add the following website under Vintage TV Parts. I sell Predicta Networks.

Thank you,


 Post subject: Re: Suppliers for tubes, parts, knobs, grill cloth, etc 11/1
PostPosted: Nov Mon 12, 2018 10:31 pm 
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Hi Crist,

Those modules look very nice! I've now added you to the list.

Tom K6VL

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