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 Post subject: Radio Day by the Bay - 2019
PostPosted: Jul Mon 22, 2019 4:19 pm 
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I had the pleasure on Saturday of attending the CHRS Radio Day by the Day event. This is the 2nd year I've made the trek to Alameda, and while it's a bit of drive for me, I enjoyed spending the day at the museum:
The staff was very friendly and I had a chance to chat with a few people about radio stuff and life in general.

Bob Wilson can probably verify the information, but I thought attendance was down a bit from last year. Plenty of radio paraphernalia, tho, whether you were looking for fixer-uppers, parts, or nice stuff in the auction pile.
Entertainment was provided by the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra, and they had the Vets' Hall jumping. Don Seely brought the full orchestra this year instead of the combo. Man, what a difference!

The radio play was also very good. The staff and guests re-enacted a Sam Spade drama from the the 40's.

Of course my report wouldn't be complete without a description of what followed me home.

Zenith 5S320
It needs some love, but it was complete with all the knobs and push buttons. After several passes thru the swapmeet, it was surprisingly still sitting there, so I bought it.
Zenith_5S320.jpg [ 247.12 KiB | Viewed 1926 times ]

Grunow 5M/590
Missing the grill/bezel and the knobs, but complete otherwise. I thought this would be a good match to the Teledial I picked up earlier this year since the cabinet design is remarkably similar. The bezel is probably unobtanium, but it looks like it might be able to be 3d printed.
Grunow_590.jpg [ 205.32 KiB | Viewed 1926 times ]

Sentinel 268T
Very clean cabinet, but again, missing all the knobs. The tenite escutcheon is intact and only a slight bit of warpage.
Sentinel_268T.jpg [ 230.66 KiB | Viewed 1926 times ]

Airline 62-261 Movie dial console
I looked this one over several times before pulling the trigger. I'm sure I made the museum happy by reducing their console count by 1. This one has the chrome chassis and roughly 11 tubes. The film looks to be in good shape, but I'll know more when I get deeper into it. It's an interesting size(small) and shape. The rounded top won't allow anything to be placed on it. Also missing all the knobs. Arrrgh!
Airline_62_261.jpg [ 273.81 KiB | Viewed 1926 times ]

Radiola 500 series - Ch. RC464
This poor little radio was crying to find a new home, so I obliged. Dial glass has a chunk missing and two of the grill bars are gone, but amazingly enough the knobs were there! The other 500's I've seen online were bakelite, so I was thinking this might have been a Franken-radio, but it fits too well. The dial is kinda cool: As the pointer rotates towards the end of the top portion of the dial, it "magically" appears at the bottom.
RCA_RC464.jpg [ 267.66 KiB | Viewed 1926 times ]

Arvin 618
Sorry, no picture on this one. It was only the chassis in a cardboard box, but all the pieces were there: speaker, dial escutcheon, hardware, eye tube shield, and.......the knobs!

Lastly, I picked up a couple pieces of test equipment: a Precision E-200-C signal generator and a Precision 202 signal tracer. I really didn't need another signal generator, but this one has inputs for an external audio source, so I thought it could serve as a mini AM transmitter while doing service work. The signal tracer is missing the probe, but it looks like it would be easy enough to duplicate one.

That's it from me! Already looking forward to next year's event!


 Post subject: Re: Radio Day by the Bay - 2019
PostPosted: Jul Tue 23, 2019 7:11 am 

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Hey, I talked to you at the checkout table when you bought the Radiola!

Sadly, some joker was stealing knobs from the boneyard radios, which is becoming rather common. You would think that a fellow collector would have more scruples...

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 Post subject: Re: Radio Day by the Bay - 2019
PostPosted: Jul Tue 23, 2019 3:02 pm 

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I've been at all of these and they are always a lot of fun with interesting
items and even more interesting people. Nice to finally meet you in person Geoff!

The Jazz band was fantastic. I could sit and listen to them play all day long.
Everyone really got a kick out of them. The highlight of the event IMO.

Usually fill up whatever vehicle we take from the boneyard but not much of interest
this year. My only purchase was a cute little Silvertone 6319 AA5 radio.

The auction was a bust though. Reserve prices were way too high. My estimate
is about 80% of the items received no bids and went unsold. Some high ticket items
like the Scotts did well but hope CHRS re-thinks their reserves for next time.
Attendance to the auction has been on a steady decline.

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