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 Post subject: So I was given a radio and the record player doesn't work
PostPosted: Jun Sat 29, 2019 7:59 pm 
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I was recently given a model 1p3632 Magnavox astro Sonic stereo that if I'm reading the tag right is from 1960. The stereo part works fine but the record side doesn't seem to be working. The turn table spins and the arm and everything works. It may just be something simple like a new needle I'm not really sure what I'm looking at and figured I would ask before I ruined something

 Post subject: Re: So I was given a radio and the record player doesn't wor
PostPosted: Jun Sat 29, 2019 11:29 pm 
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If the changer is original, it will need to be serviced.
Are you competent/mechanically inclined. There is a whole bunch of parts in a record player... :)

It's best to remove and replace all the hardened grease. All the rubber parts may also need replacing due to age related deterioration and correct lubrication applied in the correct place.

Folks here will help you if you need guidance.

Look for model numbers - rubber stamped or pasted to a paper tag underneath the platter, or on the bottom of the changer. Each chassis in your console will have its own number.

You can post photos as attachments straight out of the chute. No need to wait 24Hrs.

Posting photos to a forum thread...
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 Post subject: Re: So I was given a radio and the record player doesn't wor
PostPosted: Jun Sun 30, 2019 5:24 pm 

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If the platter spins a record OK but no sound emanates from the speakers- yet the radio mode is working- my first suspicion would be that the pickup cartridge has failed. This is a fairly common failure mode on units of this age.

To test the pickup, find a small metal instrument like a large sewing needle, turn on the set and allow it to warm up; put it in "radio" mode and tune in a station at a reasonable volume setting. Then switch the selector to "phono", lift the tonearm, and touch the needle to the three or four (assuming the pickup is stereo) wires at the back of the cartridge. One (or two) of the wires is ground and will do nothing. However, if the amp is working OK you should hear a loud 60Hz hum when touching either of the "live" cartridge outputs. If you get the hum, the cartridge is most likely bad. No hum at all- the problem is between the cartridge and the amp- possibly a disconnected audio cable, or dirty switch contacts.

 Post subject: Re: So I was given a radio and the record player doesn't wor
PostPosted: Jun Sun 30, 2019 8:33 pm 

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The needle (stylus) might even be missing. You will need to find the model number of the console, the turntable model number and identify the cartridge in most cases. There are a couple of good places online to get new cartridges or needles, but you have to know which ones to get.
Another possibility is that the cables are disconnected or the selector switch is bad.

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