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 Post subject: 70's Magnavox Turntable- Tonearm not moving
PostPosted: Aug Fri 27, 2021 5:14 pm 
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I have searched quite a few posts on this helpful site but haven't found exactly what I need so hoping this doesn't clutter the boards :)

For a wedding gift we received a Magnavox console from the 70's. Its amazing, I love how it sounds and looks.
I am having trouble using the record player. The speakers work, the turntable turns well but the tonearm does not move. I can set it on the record manually and it plays no problem, but at the end of the record it will just stay there and skip at the end.
My records also will not drop from the spindle. To get the record onto the turntable takes a lot of maneuvering.

If this forum could help me with a few questions...
1- What steps should I take to fix the tonearm?
2- Is there a better way to load a record onto a spindle? I have to reach around to press on the record dropping lock to let the record onto the turntable.
3- I cannot find a replacement needle, and the one included seems to be an anomaly, any tips on finding a replacement needle?
4- Any suggested videos or reading material to learn more about how to use this thing?
5- I am missing one lock on the turntable, is that going to be a problem?

Thank you all so much for your help!

My item:
Magnavox Console
Model #/Finish: PD6908/PE81
Serial Number: 09534609

Magnavox Turntable
Model W822/06/01
Needle # MB 301

File comment: Model # of Console
PXL_20210824_012835982.jpg [ 1.27 MiB | Viewed 489 times ]
File comment: Turntable
PXL_20210825_221009953.jpg [ 1.55 MiB | Viewed 489 times ]
File comment: Dusty Needle
PXL_20210825_222916021.jpg [ 795.22 KiB | Viewed 489 times ]
File comment: Model # of Turntable (underside)
PXL_20210826_231107260.jpg [ 1.13 MiB | Viewed 489 times ]
 Post subject: Re: 70's Magnavox Turntable- Tonearm not moving
PostPosted: Aug Fri 27, 2021 8:26 pm 
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Service manual attached to the bottom of this post…
• viewtopic.php?p=3358866#p3358866

Lubrication and more…
• ... 5#p3341915
• ... 7#p3185327


 Post subject: Re: 70's Magnavox Turntable- Tonearm not moving
PostPosted: Aug Fri 27, 2021 8:32 pm 

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Welcome to the Phono Forum and thanks for the
good info you provided.

1. Phonograph cartridge stylus(needle).
I would purchase the 557-DS77.
It is a dual-tip stereo stylus that you flip over once
installed in the cartridge.
There are 2 separate styli mounted one on each side. ... ategories=

2. The shipping lock that is missing has no
bearing on the cycling of the record changer.
You don't need it to use the record player.

3. The record changer W822 needs to be dis-assembled
and thoroughly cleaned of old grease.
The grease can bind up moving parts and levers,
which leads to problems with the changer cycle actions.

4. To play a record on an automatic record changer:
A. Lift up from the rear the record support arm
and move the support arm to the
right of the record platter.

B. Place a record balanced on the spindle shelf,
then move the record support arm back over the
record. Lower the support arm down gently onto
the record.
Record should now be balanced on the spindle.

C. Engage the record changer cycle by turning the
On/Off/Auto control to Auto, and release.

D. The record should drop onto the platter, and
the tonearm should move out over and down
onto the lead-in groove at the start of the record.

If this does not happen, cleaning of the changer is
indicated as above.


 Post subject: Re: 70's Magnavox Turntable- Tonearm not moving
PostPosted: Aug Sat 28, 2021 2:21 am 

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Many of the newer Micromatics used some plastic/nylon gears. It wasn't uncommon for some teeth to break off of these gears and cause a problem of not being able to cycle.

 Post subject: Re: 70's Magnavox Turntable- Tonearm not moving
PostPosted: Aug Sat 28, 2021 3:59 am 

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About these changers. they are absolutely one of the best changers ever made, record wear is almost non existent and they track better than some low end component turntables.

The bad news is they are not newbie friendly for service in any way, shape or form and they are a true mechanical nightmare. As stated before, the unit will be partially diassembled to remove old grease and relubricated. It's very easy to get a small washer or something in the wrong place and spend hours to try find what went wrong.

If you are mechanically inclined and want to tackle this, take many pictures as you go, find a quiet, undisturbed place, carefully laying the parts in the order that you removed them so that you can put them in back in reverse order. I can't stress this enough, be slow and very meticulous.

The motor will need to be diassembled, cleaned and reoiled. This very important, these motors are marginal to begin with, and not doing this will cause it to overheat.

You will need order rubber motor mounts and have the drive wheel by gary at the

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