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 Post subject: Re: Does anyone else get irritated with American pickers?
PostPosted: Jun Fri 21, 2019 12:17 am 

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Dutch Rabbit wrote:
i don't have cable tv. I refuse to pay that kind of money to watch nothing but commercials, advertisements, and reality shows.

however, I do know people "in the business". some have a small flea market booth and some have their own retail store(s) selling all kinds of stuff from the common household vacuum to high end high value jewelry, furniture, antiques, and anything in between.

the key things in the business in no particular order are to have and know your customer base, buy items for at least cost as possible, know what you can get out of an item based on your customer base along with the item's true value, and sell the item for the most money that you can.

remember this as well: nobody put a gun to the sellers' heads and made them sell to the pickers (or anyone in the business) for the price the pickers offered.

I don't dislike the pickers or anyone in the business for what they do. they have a business, they are there to make money, and nobody forced anyone to sell to them.

perfect example: when we were cleaning out my grandmother's house last year, she had a couple of those round twist up piano stools. I had absolutely no use or want for them. i knew that a fair market value for each one was around $50. anyone that I asked did not want them even for free, much less for $50 a piece.

so...I took them to someone that I know in "the business". he offered me $25 per bench. he sold them for $50 a piece. do I care ? nope. was I glad to get rid of them ? absolutely. did I have the hassle to keep trying to someone who would give me that kind of money ? nope. he made money and so did i.

some people may say that I got "ripped off" ; nobody forced me to sell those piano stools for $25 a piece.


I have to agree with no one is forcing anyone to sell anything as far as I know. Getting $25 for an item you have no use for beats the heck out of using $5 worth of gas and an hour of your time to haul it to the landfill. I watch the show ( reruns ) on hulu as well as lots of other decent shows for only $6 a month . Beats the heck out of cable prices and I have an OTA antenna in the attic for local stuff which I get plenty of. And FWIW I enjoy the show simply for the characters they meet, real or not.

 Post subject: Re: Does anyone else get irritated with American pickers?
PostPosted: Jun Fri 21, 2019 2:10 am 
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reminds me of looking through boxes of LP albums, all the good ones are gone, leaving Barry Manilow and such, or records without sleeves and looking
bad. I quit looking.
I took a box of the rejects to a used record store, it had a lot of Barry Manilow's records, and similar, new, in sleeves, they didn't want them, even for free.
Tossed the box in their dumpster on the way to my car.

Joe - There's no shortage of cruelty to animals:

 Post subject: Re: Does anyone else get irritated with American pickers?
PostPosted: Jun Sun 23, 2019 6:46 pm 
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I stopped watching because I was tired of seeing them go to places where people had enormous hordes of stuff/junk that would not sell anything for any price. Why did you agree to have them come out?

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