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 Post subject: Hidden Tracks You Never Knew were There - Til You....
PostPosted: May Tue 04, 2021 2:00 am 
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Popped it into a Digital Audio Workstation and got to extracting various elements from a stereo mix the same way they do spectral editing to turn a mono mix into stereo.

Otherwise known as How Much Fun Can You Have when Finger Exercises Become a Pop Record.

As everybody knows by now, since I'm finally getting some caregiving help from the VA for my ex-foster Dad I live with and take care of - I've finally been able to get back into transferring and remixing tracks - especially now since I have 7 storages worth of stuff - some of which HAS to be better than some of the 60s and 70s ex radio station boards I've been working on since the first time out (see the other thread under ``Auctions - Huge Collection'').

So one of the first ones I did as a precursor just to see how it would turn out is the 1968 electric version of Linus and Lucy (a.k.a. Peanuts theme) trying to re-create the WB promo single mix I had as a kid that presumably never came out to the public since it never shows up in any discography anyplace - only the 1965 Fantasy Records version.

The reason I like the WB version is the fact that it has an extra G in the descending bass figure to match up with the one in the ascending figure. The Fantasy version always sounded like it was missing a note - and apparently the producers at WB felt the same.

So anyway I'm going about extracting various tracks using various techniques (stereo field rotate to put one of the sides in the center and then extracting the center to its' own track and repeat for the other side).

The piano track on the left couldn't be extracted just by lifting the left and using it because there was too much bleed into the other tracks - but the harpsichord track could be lifted as is due to being recorded at a different time. All that was left on there was headphone leakage, easily suppressed.

Extracted that onto its' own track filtered out the bass and drums and come to find out there's an electric guitar in there. Interesting in the fact that it is also playing finger exercises in reverse on top of the piano harpsichord and standup bass finger exercises
that make up the rest of the record.

I wonder if everybody playing the session was bored out of his head for getting paid to basically practice and keep limber.

So now I could re-edit the single you see above into something fairly closely resembling the promo single. Instead of starting with the bass figure we know, this starts off with a jazz-infused piano and drum duet, leads off into the ``Dolly Dance'' section normally found in the middle and puts all the sections with the featured bass figure all together in one fell swoop.

If it uploads here I guess we'll find out. ... aster+Take).mp3#

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 Post subject: Re: Hidden Tracks You Never Knew were There - Til You....
PostPosted: May Tue 04, 2021 4:53 pm 

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Paul McCartney hums a harmony to his guitar lead in I've Just Seen A Face. Hard to pick out on speakers, plain as day on headphones. May have been lost in the latest remaster. See if you can find it.

"Enjoy the fair, George."

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