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 Post subject: FS: Zenith TransOceanic L600 Parts whole lot Z1battery etc
PostPosted: Sep Sat 18, 2021 7:08 pm 

Joined: Sep Wed 08, 2021 7:59 pm
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Location: Saint Augustine, Florida Area
FS: Selling from the Jacksonville, FL / Saint Augustine, FL area, all parts together. $130 for all, and that price includes my shipping to lower 48 states only. Photos Available on All. I am only selling the whole lot together. All parts came from a Trans-Oceanic model L600 (chassis number unknown) (see #30 below). Nothing sold separately. Please note that Parts almost identical to these are being offered by others for high prices, three of them over $60-$95 on certain web sites, and a few others for $35-65 on other sites.
~~ ~~ ~~
1. Power Supply Filter Capacitor, original, black, almost mint condition in appearance, original caps still inside; not tested. Includes intact non-metallic mounting plate with two mounting holes. Photos available.
2. Retractable AC Cord Reel Assembly Cord and Plug: Spring assembly works perfectly with cord. Original cord & Original Plug in surprisingly good condition, no evidence of wear or breakage or repairs or taping. Main Assembly has original blue and red wires intact. Photos available.
3. Original Z-1 Battery. About 20-Percent of the battery’s surrounding red label and wording is worn in three places. The battery’s plug receptacle, located on one end, is in good condition. A rare find. Photos available.
4. Speaker & Attached Transformer with all original wires, in very good condition, no tears in speaker cone, no evidence of repairs on speaker cone; All wires in good condition. Some mounting hardware included, including the three off-set mounting flanges. Photos available.
5. Selenium Rectifier, green, electrically intermittent with low voltage; includes mounting bolt. Photos available.
6. Four Red Audio Switches on their Switch Frame. All very clean, and all tested good.
7. Upper Panel with Logs and Charts with Door & Plate: Includes logs and charts, Pages 1-28, “Brief Operating Instructions”, “Best Reception Table”, empty log pages, all in Good condition. Upper panel drop down door has the two original springs that work; No cracks or dents in plastic grey frame or outer black frame; the small original metal Zenith emblem in very good condition with both tabs; plastic needs gentle cleaning. Photos available.
8. Sliding Dial Needle Pointer and its matching Metal Slide Frame; all in very good condition; No Evidence of needle having been bent; Its top clip section in very good condition with all tabs; Hardware included; Includes Three Springs for dial cords; Also included is the Tuning Knob Armature with its mounting Bracket and some hardware. Photos available.
9. Two IF Transformer Cans with internal IF coils, clean, no dents. In same bag are two wound coils from under chassis. Photos available.
10. Band Push Buttons: All 7 Band Push Buttons in very good condition with good Labeling and original felt strip backing. Photos available on these and all other parts.
11. Potentiometer for volume & AC. All seven contacts tested good.
12. Battery Plug with original three colored wires connected
13. xxxx
14. Various caps & resistors removed from chassis; in plastic bag.
15. Phone Jack with nut and washer, tested good.
16. AC Plug Switch from under-chassis. All contacts tested good.
17. Main Chassis Mounting Screws (2) and Matching Washers
18. Front Panel Screws, Set of Seven black screws for mounting front panel, four long screws and three shorter screws.
19. Some Colored Wires taken from under chassis
20. Trimmer Capacitor (Possibly C2), good condition.
21. Hardware taken from back panel, screws, clips & receptacles
22. Plastic Frequency Dial Plate and its matching metal backing frame. Dial plate is dirty smeared. Two cracks evident in two lower mounting holes, needs lots of TLC.
23. Handle for Carrying, includes the two brass brackets & screws. Several scratches.
24. Main Frequency Tuning Capacitor, Three Gang, good condition; some mounting hardware. Photos available on this, and on all other parts.
25. Misc Screws in plastic bag
26. Three Clips and Screws from back door panel for holding manual and instructions, etc.
27. Wave Magnet with attached red Feedline Wire; includes three prong Plug & Red Feedline Wire in very good condition; Wave Magnet scratched and needs tender TLC cleaning. Most of white lettering missing. Yellow lettering in good condition. Photos available.
28. Zenith Front Cabinet Brass Latch. Bottom portion is OK, but top portion is missing its swing latch; Four (4) original screws included. Photos available.
29. Plastic Front Panel. Approx. size of this front panel is 12x16”. Clear plastic center section has several scratches; Includes felt for dial light switch. Half-inch crack on top right edge of front panel. Photos available.
30. Main RF Coil & Band Switch Gang Assembly: All in apparent good condition; No known breakage of coils; Clean condition; Three sets of Trimmer Capacitors appear in very good condition and very clean; Portions of the original wires appear to be present and intact. Label glued on bottom of assembly reads, “46475”. Includes the attached Antenna Connector Plate and its two screws for antenna wire and ground wire, in fair, clean condition, no evidence of breakage. Photos available.
31. Two Round Nuts for attaching red antenna feedline to the radio’s back panel. Nuts are 5/8-inch diameter. Photos available.
32. Parts Not Available: Sorry, but following are not available: Tubes; Knobs; Telescoping Antenna; Dial Light Assembly; Cabinet, etc. Do not know original chassis number or the set's SN.
~~ ~~ ~~
Note #1: Parts are carefully wrapped in separate clear plastic bags with padding.

Note #2: The PHOTOS for the above L600 parts can be seen here:
Sorry, I'm new to posting attachments and have not quite yet figured out all the steps.
Tks for your patience. // de Mark MM.

Note #3: This is a good package deal, especially so since three parts similar to the above are listed by others for sale for very high prices $70-$100 on certain web sites. And, in addition, many other parts above are selling for $20-$35 on certain web sites.
~~ ~~ ~~

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