Web servers collect and log information about the computers connecting to them. The server is no different. It logs the date and time of each request for a page or file, along with other information such as the browser being used, the operating system and the I.P. address of the connecting computer and the file requested. This data is collected and analyzed to improve the site.

When posting to the forums the I.P. address of the computer being used to post a message is recorded and retained with the post. Posting as a "Guest" or unregistered user is not anonymous, and the software matches up the name(s) used for each I.P. address recorded.

When registering a user is required to provide information for their membership. This information is publicly viewable. Content posted in the forums is publicly viewable to everyone visiting the site. All information submitted, with the exception of your selected password which is encrypted, and all messages public and private, is viewable by the site administrator.

Cookies are small files that reside on a users hard drive that store information about a web site. The Antique Radio Forums may store three cookies on your computer and serve to enhance your use of the forums. They are stored on your computer only if you are a registered member. They contain the last time you visited the forums in order to mark new posts since your last visit, and your user name and password (encrypted) if you select "Log me in automatically." No other personal information is stored in them. The cookies are used only in the forums.