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  • AllJazz Jazz Phonograph Record Auctions - AllJazz holds a new record auction every other month: January, March, May, July, September and November. Each auction has approximately 3000 lots, mostly 78-rpm records and early LPs. (Added: 18-May-1998 Hits: 612)
  • Audio Restoration by Graham Newton - Transfer and Restoration of Old Phonograph Records or Tapes to Digital Media - DAT or CDr, Cassette or Open Reel. LP's, 45's, 78's, Transcriptions, Tapes, Cassettes. Any Speed, Size or Groove, Lateral or Vertical Cuts, Any Tape Format. (Added: 26-May-1998 Hits: 275)
  • Birgit Lotz Verlag - We publish the German National Discography, which includes details on ecorded radio programs, in particular the Reichs-Rundfunkgesellschaft. We have a mail order book service, including "Hitler's Airwaves". We also conduct international mail auctions devoted to recorded sound. (Added: 25-Jan-2000 Hits: 80)
  • Blues World - Auction of mainly Blues records; information on Blues artists and records. (Added: 18-May-1998 Hits: 166)
  • Crank Up The Memories - Crank Up The Memories has for over a decade provided quality sales and service to the phonograph enthusiasts of the world. We started out as collectors and still are so we know how you are about your machines. We always have on hand a vast inventory of phonographs, cylinder and disc records, needles, tins as well as printed material. (Added: 19-May-1998 Hits: 734)
  • Diamond Cut Productions - Diamond Cut Productions specializes in the preservation and restoration of historic recordings. We have a catalog of reissued recordings originally made by the Thomas Edison Company during the 1920s. We have also introduced a Windows software program called DC-Art, which is designed for editing and restoration of audio recordings. (Added: 18-May-1998 Hits: 211)
  • Guido's Musical Antiques - Meet Guido Severijns. For over 20 years he's in spell with his great collection of grammophones, musicboxes and cylinderphonographs. Started as a hobby, he could not stop. He invites his new friends and loyal customers from all over the world to have a look in his look-a-like museumshop. Here is the place where you'll find a wide variety of beautifull collectables. So enter the first 'real' virtual phonograph shop. (Added: 20-May-1998 Hits: 155)
  • Ich Sammele Schellackplatten und Grammophone - Schlager, Tanzmusik, Kleinkunst, Marschlieder und Marsche aus der Zeit vor 1946 interessieren mich besonders, aber auch Rock'n Roll, wenn's auf Schellack ist. In German. (Added: 21-May-1998 Hits: 42)
  • K A B Electro-Acoustics - KAB serves the record collector and sound enthusiast with products that Preserve, Enhance and Restore. We offer a complete line of turntables, Needles and Cartridges, Restoration, Preservation and Sound Enhancement products. (Added: 15-May-1998 Hits: 420)
  • Let It Be Records - Let It Be Records is an independently owned record store based in Minneapolis. Every month we offer items for auction from our record collections. The "Hart's Collection" consists of 250,000 78s from the '30-'50s and encompasses everything from Disney box sets to Charlie Parker, Bob Wills and Tchaikovsky. The Pyramid collection contains sealed LPs from the '60s- early '80s that includes everything from the Dixie Cups and Banana Splits to John Lee Hooker and Hank Mobley. (Added: 12-May-1998 Hits: 446)
  • Mainspring Press - Publisher of books, CDs, and "The Mainspring," a free online journal for collectors of vintage records (Added: 5-May-1999 Hits: 90)
  • Nauck's Vintage Records - The world's premier 78 rpm & cylinder record auction company. International dealers in vintage 78rpm and cylinder phonograph records, including blues, gospel, classical, operatic, hillbilly, Cajun, historical, political, jazz, dance bands, rhythm & blues, rock & roll, foreign, ethnic, personality and comedy recordings. Also picture discs, children's records, Edison Diamond Discs, rare labels, radio transcriptions and novelty records. We also stock a full line of related books, accessories and turntables, plus original antique wind-up phonographs and music boxes. (Added: 12-Mar-2000 Hits: 473)

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