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  • A New Era Antiques - Buying and selling antique radios, vintage televisions, microphones, tube audio, telephones, art deco and more! Collections purchased. We ship worldwide. (Added: 9-Oct-2020 Hits: 124)
  • A New Era Antiques - Buying and selling antique radios, vintage televisions, microphones, tube audio, telephones, art deco and more! We ship worldwide. hot (Added: 17-Apr-1998 Hits: 13180)
  • All Things Radio - Restored a unrestored radios, parts sets, replicas, novelties. (Added: 26-Aug-2001 Hits: 871)
  • AM - Wood and Metal Tube Radios; Bakelite & Plastic Tube Radios; Reproduction Radios; Transistors; Schematics. hot (Added: 21-Sep-1999 Hits: 3557)
  • Antique Audio Classifieds - Free classified ads in radio, phonograph, transmitter, receiver categories. hot (Added: 14-Apr-1999 Hits: 3535)
  • Antique Mystique - One of the largest single store pictured inventories on the internet with 100s of antiques and collectibles including radios, art, coins, advertising, furniture, toys, glassware, pottery, western, gas station, primitives, jewelry, tobacciana, photographica, sports, books, tools, prints and much more. We also offer the following free service: link directory/search engine, email, message boards and chat rooms for our visitors making for a community environment available all on one site. (Added: 21-May-2001 Hits: 890)
  • Antique Radio and Television - We repair/restore tube radios, amps, and televisions. We also have tube auto radios, home radios, TVs and 78 speed record players for sale. hot (Added: 28-Apr-1999 Hits: 3270)
  • Antique Radio Home - Restoration and sales of vintage radios, televisions and phonographs that operate with electronic valves (tubes) or mechanical reproducers manufactured from the early 1900's through the late 1970's. We also sell related radio and phonograph paraphernalia. (Added: 7-Dec-2000 Hits: 1363)
  • Antique Radio Restoration & Repair - We specialize in restoring family heirlooms, Grandma's and Grandpa's old radio, Mom and Dad's special set, and the radios you enjoyed as a child! (Added: 16-Feb-2002 Hits: 292)
  • Antique Radios & Tubes - We have dozens and dozens of Antique Radios, Speakers and Phonographs for sale. We cater to both those looking for inexpensive sets and those experience radio enthusiasts. Our prices start at a low $10. We have over 20,000 tubes in stock, tested and ready for shipping. Prices start under $2. Many rare or hard to find tubes. Radios such as Philco, Radiola, GE, Zenith, Atwater Kent, Grebe, Firestone, RCA and more. hot (Added: 13-Aug-1999 Hits: 4480)
  • Antique Radios That Work - All Antique Radios are serviced, and in "great working order". Some of these radios require an outside antenna. I have been making a living in electronics since before World War II and built my first radio (one tube radio) when I was 12 years old while living in St. Paul, Minnesota. I'm a World War II Veteran and a Ham Operator. Today I live in Lakeland, Florida where my daughter, Dottie, resides with her family. Some of the radios include vintage speakers. All items have pictures with full descriptions. hot (Added: 4-Jan-2000 Hits: 2547)
  • Australian Vintage Wireless Parts - Australian vintage wireless parts offers a complete restoration service. We also sell great australian radio's look into our fully restored to original spec's radios. We offer some grand old Australian console radios ,as well as many bakelite recievers ,all our stock is from 1930 to 1950 era we offer our stock out in pristine condition. We also ship worldwide. Remember We carry the Finest in Australian Console radio's. All enquiries answered. (Added: 30-Dec-2001 Hits: 72)

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