Adv. of Philip Marlowe
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Adventures of Philip Marlowe

Raymond Chandler's famous detective debuted on NBC radio in the summer of 1947 with Van Heflin. It then appeared in the fall of 1948 on rival CBS and starred Gearld Mohr as Marlowe.

  Play  Philip Marlowe - Life Can Be Murder
Broadcast July 21, 1951
28:3232 kbps22.1 kHz6.85 Mb
  Play  Philip Marlowe - The Anniversary Gift
Broadcast April 4, 1950
25:1132 kbps16 kHz6.05 Mb
  Play  Philip Marlowe - The Golden Cobra
Broadcast June 21, 1950
28:4832 kbps22.1 kHz6.91 Mb
  Play  Philip Marlowe - The Grim Echo
Broadcast February 14, 1950
28:4132 kbps22.1 kHz6.88 Mb
  Play  Philip Marlowe - The Hairpin Turn
Broadcast January 28, 1950
28:3032 kbps22.1 kHz6.84 Mb
  Play  Philip Marlowe - Where There's a Will
Broadcast October 17, 1948
29:1632 kbps22.1 kHz7.02 Mb
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