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What started as a 1930 novel, THE JOVIAL GHOSTS by Thorne Smith was turned into a popular and successful series of movies and then a radio series folowed by one on television. Roland Young portrayed Cosmo Topperin the movies and on the radio, haunted by Gerorge and Marion Kirby, a young, fun loving couple and their champagne-drinking St. bernard, Neil.

  Play  Malvenna's Mother Visits
Broadcast August 30, 1945
28:3932 kbps22.1 kHz6.88 Mb
  Play  Malvenna Hires a Psychiastrist
Broadcast July 19, 1945
24:2632 kbps22.1 kHz5.87 Mb
  Play  Rajah
Broadcast September 6, 1945
28:4816 kbps11 kHz3.46 Mb
  Play  Telephone Repairman
Droadcast July 1, 1945
29:2432 kbps22.1 kHz7.06 Mb
  Play  The Psychiatrists
Broadcast July 5, 1945
28:3432 kbps22.1 kHz6.86 Mb
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