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Fibber McGee and his patient wife, Molly lived at 79 Wistful Vista--one of the most famous addresses in America. Each week Fibber would brag, exaggerate and yes, fib as he hatched grand schemes. The program first aired on April 16, 1935 and ran until September 6, 1959, at which time it's rumored Fibber finally got around to cleaning out that hall closet.


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  Play  A Christmas Gift for McGee's Nephew
Broadcast December 20, 1938
29:4232 kbps22.1 kHz7.13 Mb
  Play  Ants in the House
Broadcast November 2, 1943
29:5432 kbps22.1 kHz7.18 Mb
  Play  Bottle Collector
Broadcast February 25, 1941
29:0324 kbps22.1 kHz5.23 Mb
  Play  City Council
Broadcast February 7, 1950
25:3524 kbps22.1 kHz4.61 Mb
  Play  Dog Bites Mailman
Broadcast February 21, 1950
29:0424 kbps22.1 kHz5.23 Mb
  Play  Egyptian Good Luck Ring
Broadcast February 13, 1940
11:4832 kbps22.1 kHz2.84 Mb
  Play  Election Officials
Broadcast November 5, 1940 McGee's house becomes Polling Place. Actual NBC news election returns are interwoven into story
29:0332 kbps22.1 kHz6.97 Mb
  Play  Express Company Bandits
Braodcast February 20, 1951
21:5324 kbps22.1 kHz3.94 Mb
  Play  Fibber's Magic Act
Broadcast January 6, 1948
29:5532 kbps22.1 kHz7.18 Mb
  Play  Fibber's Thumb Caught in a Bowling Ball
Broadcast June 1, 1943
29:2132 kbps22.1 kHz7.05 Mb
  Play  Fibber, The Watch Salesman
Broadcast February 11, 1941
29:5032 kbps22.1 kHz7.16 Mb
  Play  Fibber Builds a Footstool
Broadcast March 10, 1942
   3.50 Mb
  Play  Fibber Buys a New Suit and Steals a Hat
Broadcast February 4, 1941
28:0832 kbps22.1 kHz6.75 Mb
  Play  Fibber Finds Guildersleeve's Locked Diary
Broadcast October 22, 1940
28:3732 kbps22.1 kHz6.87 Mb
  Play  Fibber Has Pneumonia, Guildersleeve Calls
Broadcast March 28, 1944
29:5932 kbps22.1 kHz7.20 Mb
  Play  Fibber Loses the laundry Bundle
Broadcast January 27, 1948
29:5832 kbps22.1 kHz7.19 Mb
  Play  Fibber Makes Chilli Sauce
Broadcast November 9, 1943
30:0332 kbps22.1 kHz7.21 Mb
  Play  1940 Fibber's Closet with Gracie Allen
0:2864 kbps44.1 kHz0.23 Mb
  Play  1041 I Can Get It For You Wholesale
29:2764 kbps44.1 kHz14.14 Mb
  Play  Fixing the Radio
Broadcast March 20, 1945
29:4332 kbps22.1 kHz7.13 Mb
  Play  Good Deeds
Broadcast March 20, 1951
22:2524 kbps22.1 kHz4.04 Mb
  Play  Mailing Christmas Packages
Broadcast December 10, 1940
29:3832 kbps22.1 kHz7.11 Mb
  Play  Man's Untapped Energies
Broadcast May 11, 1947
29:0832 kbps22.1 kHz7.00 Mb
  Play  McGee Builds a Fireplace
Broadcast February 7, 1938
19:4832 kbps22.1 kHz4.75 Mb
  Play  McGee Minds a Baby
Broadcast January 24, 1938
21:0732 kbps22.1 kHz5.07 Mb
  Play  McGee Steals a Car and Goes to Jail
Broadcast May 18, 1943
30:1032 kbps22.1 kHz7.24 Mb
  Play  Molly's Bread and Butter Pickles
Broadcast January 20, 1948
28:5632 kbps22.1 kHz6.95 Mb
  Play  Molly's Checkup
Broadcast March 6, 1951
21:5624 kbps22.1 kHz3.95 Mb
  Play  Nasty Letter to Fred Nitney
Braodcast February 13, 1951
22:3924 kbps22.1 kHz4.08 Mb
  Play  New Furniture
Broadcast November 4, 1941
30:1832 kbps22.1 kHz7.27 Mb
  Play  New Year's Eve Program with Fred Waring
Broadcast December 31, 1946
27:4732 kbps22.1 kHz6.67 Mb
  Play  Ole is Kidnapped
Broadcash March 7, 1950
22:1524 kbps22.1 kHz4.01 Mb
  Play  Parking Meter Returns Razors
Broadcast November 28, 1950
23:0624 kbps22.1 kHz4.16 Mb
  Play  Quarrantined With Measles
Broadcast March 11, 1941
29:0632 kbps22.1 kHz6.99 Mb
  Play  Red Cross
Broadcast April 27, 1945
15:1432 kbps22.1 kHz3.66 Mb
  Play  Sending Doc's Clothes to the Clothing Drive
Broadcast March 27, 1945
29:3032 kbps22.1 kHz7.08 Mb
  Play  Suprise Party, McGees are Out Ill
Broadcast March 27, 1951
21:5524 kbps22.1 kHz3.95 Mb
  Play  The Antique Vase
Broadcast March 13, 1951
22:4624 kbps22.1 kHz4.10 Mb
  Play  The Radio-Phonograph
Broadcast December 24, 1940
29:1732 kbps22.1 kHz7.03 Mb
  Play  Trip to Peoria
Broadcast February 27, 1951
22:0824 kbps22.1 kHz3.98 Mb
  Play  Walking on City Hall Grass
Broadcast january 16, 1951
22:0024 kbps22.1 kHz3.96 Mb
  Play  Working for Walt
Broadcast January 10, 1950
25:3124 kbps22.1 kHz4.59 Mb
  Play   Fibber Invents The Cartable Radio
Broadcast January 13, 1948
28:3332 kbps22.1 kHz6.85 Mb
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