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  Play  15 The Case Of The Missing Ring
25:4632 kbps22.1 kHz6.19 Mb
  Play  22 Thanksgiving Pilgrim Opera
28:3932 kbps22.1 kHz6.88 Mb
  Play  08 Jimmy And Eddie Cantor Remember Their Early Years
29:0632 kbps22.1 kHz6.99 Mb
  Play  22 Arthur Treacher Moves In With Jimmy
29:2732 kbps22.1 kHz7.07 Mb
  Play  29 Making A Movie With Lucille Ball
29:2432 kbps22.1 kHz7.06 Mb
  Play  05 Jimmy Sings With Bing Crosby
28:5432 kbps22.1 kHz6.94 Mb
  Play  12 Jimmy And Dorothy Lamour Go To Washington
18:3532 kbps22.1 kHz4.46 Mb
  Play  26 Preparing A Live Turkey For Thanksgiving
29:5632 kbps22.1 kHz7.19 Mb
  Play  03 Cyrano de Bergerac (with Charles Boyer)
29:3432 kbps22.1 kHz7.10 Mb
  Play  10 with Boris Karloff as Happy Sam, The Record Man
29:4332 kbps22.1 kHz7.14 Mb
  Play  17 Victor Moore Helps Jimmy With VP Campaign
28:1832 kbps22.1 kHz6.79 Mb
  Play  24 Christmas Eve At Home (Treacher, O'Brien, P Lee)
27:3332 kbps22.1 kHz6.61 Mb
  Play  24 Guest Margaret O'Brien
27:0932 kbps22.1 kHz6.52 Mb
  Play  31 New Year's Eve with Red Skelton
28:1832 kbps22.1 kHz6.79 Mb
  Play  07 The Road To Pismo Beach (with Bob Hope)
28:3032 kbps22.1 kHz6.84 Mb
  Play  14 'Killer' Moore, The Boxer (Frank Morgan Subs)
28:4832 kbps22.1 kHz6.91 Mb
  Play  21 Captain Jolie's Showboat (Al Jolson Subs)
28:4732 kbps22.1 kHz6.91 Mb
  Play  28 Jimmy Returns To The Show
28:5632 kbps22.1 kHz6.95 Mb
  Play  04 Bear Wrestling At The County Fair
29:2532 kbps22.1 kHz7.06 Mb
  Play  11 Jimmy's Birthday Party
29:1232 kbps22.1 kHz7.01 Mb
  Play  18 Jimmy And Victor Go To A Nightclub
29:1532 kbps22.1 kHz7.02 Mb
  Play  25 Jimmy And Victor Go To A Racetrack
29:1732 kbps22.1 kHz7.03 Mb
  Play  03 Jimmy And Victor Take Flying Lessons
29:1832 kbps22.1 kHz7.03 Mb
  Play  10 Jimmy Runs For Vice President (with Van Johnson)
29:4732 kbps22.1 kHz7.15 Mb
  Play  24 Looking For A Cheap Vacation Spot
28:4132 kbps22.1 kHz6.89 Mb
  Play  31 Campaigning On Campus (with Rose Marie)
29:0232 kbps22.1 kHz6.97 Mb
  Play  07 A Woman For President (with Dorothy Lamour)
30:0932 kbps22.1 kHz7.24 Mb
  Play  14 Jimmy Investigates The Housing Shortage
28:2332 kbps22.1 kHz6.81 Mb
  Play  21 Jimmy Solicits The Show Biz Vote
28:4932 kbps22.1 kHz6.92 Mb
  Play  28 Women In Industry (with Lucille Ball)
29:0132 kbps22.1 kHz6.96 Mb
  Play  05 Survey On Public Transportation Shortage
29:0832 kbps22.1 kHz6.99 Mb
  Play  12 Should A Presidential Candidate Be Married
29:0432 kbps22.1 kHz6.98 Mb
  Play  19 How Can Government Help Small Businesses
29:0032 kbps22.1 kHz6.96 Mb
  Play  26 Jimmy Seeks Endorsements From Sports Heroes
29:0932 kbps22.1 kHz7.00 Mb
  Play  16 Should Men Be Allowed In Beauty Parlors
29:0332 kbps22.1 kHz6.98 Mb
  Play  23 Last Show Of Season (incomplete)
14:1832 kbps22.1 kHz3.43 Mb
  Play  24 Problems With Christmas Dinner (with Rose Marie)
30:0332 kbps22.1 kHz7.21 Mb
  Play  xx-xx AFRS
19:5132 kbps22.1 kHz4.77 Mb
  Play  15 Bond Rally
27:3948 kbps22.1 kHz9.96 Mb
  Play  16
30:1632 kbps22.1 kHz7.26 Mb
  Play  22 Christmas Show
28:3032 kbps22.1 kHz6.84 Mb
  Play  01 with Greer Garson
24:0632 kbps22.1 kHz5.79 Mb
  Play  17
30:0048 kbps22.1 kHz10.81 Mb
  Play  xx-xx The Three Musketeers
27:0132 kbps22.1 kHz6.49 Mb
  Play  xx-xx Baseball Season Opens
29:0132 kbps22.1 kHz6.96 Mb
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